Five Romantic Destinations Around Pune

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The Pune winter brings with it the mystical charm of nature at its best; no better time than this, to romance the air and head for a nice short getaway.

So search no more, for we have curated this interesting list of romantic getaways a few hours from Pune. Take your pick, pack those bags and let the romance begin…


Spend quality time with your partner amidst the serene and pristine Amboli. Far from the noisy, crowded streets and pollution, Amboli village is a go-to hill station in the southern part of Maharashtra. Although it has pleasant weather almost throughout the year, the place receives incredibly-high rainfall that gives way to numerous waterfalls accompanied by mist during the monsoons.

Distance from Pune: 350 KM (approx.)


This small town located in the Sahyadri mountain range is surrounded by valleys on all sides and served as the summer capital of the then Bombay Province. The city provides the perfect scenic location; from valleys to observation points and gardens, making it perfect for those seeking a calm yet sight filled vacation. Take drool-worthy pictures in the strawberry farms or indulge in sinful bingeing at the cheese factory.

Distance from Pune: 120 KM (approx.)


If a vacation by the beach is your choice, then Dabhol beach is the ideal destination. Unlike other beaches in Maharashtra, this is a relatively unexplored destination. Walk the sands at the beach or explore the much-lost history in the vicinity. It is a small seaport town also perfect for pre-wedding photography. Take a ferry boat from Dabhol and enjoy a subtle added experience. Don’t miss on the fresh-caught fish, Alphonso mangoes, coconuts and cashew that is seen here.

Distance from Pune: 210 KM (approx.)










Kune, Khandala

Kune falls located in the Khandala-Lonavala valley is touted to be the 14th highest waterfall in India. Khandala, a popular tourist spot attracts tourists from across the country thanks to its climate. The sunset point is among the popular spots where couples spend most of their time taking pictures. Various elevated points here also provide a paranomic view of the city.

Distance from Pune: 70 km


A privately developed destination, Lavasa city has gained in popularity over the past few years and is a favourite with young city couples. The colourful and vibrant architecture, good hotels and the availability of fine cuisine here makes this a perfect weekend getaway from Pune.

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Distance from Pune: 60 KM


#All images used for representation only. Readers are advised to check actual road distances before travelling. All distances mentioned here are only indicative.

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