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Game of Thrones
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The Seventh season of the epic fantasy, Game of Thrones kicked off in India and we just can’t get over the excitement.

Pune365 connected with hard-core GOT fans to get you some spoilers and honest reviews of the First Episode of GOT Season 7.


Rashmi Menon: The opening was amazing. I love the way she said, ‘winter has come’ and ‘the north remembers’! It’s too early to judge but yes it raises the expectations of the viewers a notch. Ed Sheeren was on the show!! This was a surprise. Character building is epic in a way- Sansa shows development in her character.


Shyami Agnani : GOT has set its bar pretty high. With every season, it’s getting more unpredictable. Season 7 was high on expectations but leaving aside Arya Stark’s part in the beginning nothing was much exciting in the first episode. I would say it was a slow start. But I am sure as the season progresses it will be more intense and unpredictable just like it is supposed to be. Looking forward to the next episode though !!

Aditi Balsavar: Clearly winter has come! With Arya disguised as Walder Frey slaughtering the Frey house, season 7 has officially kick-started. The anticipation is at an all-time high and looks promising with a glimpse of Dany finally coming home to her birthplace – Dragonstone. With strong alliances forging this season and Sam at the Citadel finding the origins of Dragonglass, looks like the fast-encroaching Whitewalkers will see a tough fight from the formidable might of the united houses in Westeros.

Aishwarya Singh: The humdrum routine of Sam Tarly’s life in the Citadel was grossly intriguing. From the monotony of cleaning bed-pans to dishing out sinisterly similar looking curry, the scene bags accolades for its cinematography. Secondly, the scene between Euron and Cersi is great. Ed Sheeren’s cameo does earn some brownie points, and mind you, he is actually singing in the scene. But the highlight of the whole episode is the opening scene with the dialogue ‘Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe’.

Hrudhayani Sharma : Well, I was expecting a grand opening but GOT Season 7 Episode 1 was unable to live up to my expectations. The first scene however stole my heart. The cinematography of the scene where the Whitewalkers enter was also good. I won’t say that this episode was better than the previous season, but still looking forward to some excitement and thrill in the coming episodes. And yes, Ed Sheeren’s performance however I think wasn’t needed.

SureshKumar Yumnam : Dragonstone appeared quite interesting to me. It seemed to be a flashback at first but later the confusing clouds disappeared. Frey was seen congratulating his men on their mass murder at the Red Wedding of season three. But as we know that Frey is dead now, it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t a flashback. Instead a Jonestown-style massacre, the assembled Freys choking to death on the poisoned flagons of wine.

Sushmita Dey : The beginning was absolutely fantastic when Arya slyly destroyed the Freys. As the episode progressed there was an overview of everything that is going on. It wasn’t so thrilling because the first episode was just full of hints about all the sectors. The most mysterious part was when Ser Jorah’s hand came out of the room, but why was he there in the library. The element of surprise was when we could spot Ed Sheeren was just beyond anything. So unpredictable..


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