Will Health Warnings On Alcohol Bottles Help Lower Consumption?

Health Warning on Alcohol Bottles
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Come April 1st and health warnings will be imprinted on all alcoholic beverage bottles across the country.

Following the directives laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), manufactures will now have to ensure that the bottles reach the market with statutory health warnings.

The packing is supposed to contain statutory health warnings like those on tabacco products in an attempt to get people to quit consuming alcoholic beverages.

The bottles will come etched with “Drinking is injurious to health” and “Don’t Drink and Drive” messages on them.

“The fact that the tobacco industry already have these statutory warnings on their packaging and the sales still sky-rocket is enough indication that people will do what they like,” shares Praveen Yadav, a post-graduate student.

“Almost every consumer of alcohol already knows that it is not healthy, yet, the industry flourishes be it IMFL or country liquor. I do not believe this will help persuade people to give up consuming alcohol in any form,” Praveen adds.

“The images on the tobacco product packs are more effective than just the messages. It somehow creates an impact and reiterates that this can happen to us too.  

Moreover, there are several consumers who are not literate enough to read the messages, and words alone may not impact them at all, adds Yadav

I think having images would also help to make people understand that drinking and driving is not safe for them and others on the road,” says Manisha Puranik, an aesthetician.

Kumar Abhijeet, an MBA student however feels that the statutory warnings can help people think twice before pouring a drink for themselves.

“I have seen my friends think twice before taking another puff from a tobacco product as they get reminded of the effects through the messages on the packets, and TV and movie commercials.

If not anything, it makes them think of the consequences and they try and quit, though, the addiction makes it difficult to give up.

I am hopeful that at least the younger generation who takes cognisance of such warnings and are less myopic with their attitude on giving up alcohol and tobacco.

The initiative is commendable, however, the authorities should also seriously look into regulating the current easy access of liquor for minors,” Kumar adds.


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