White Lily and Night Rider

White Lily and Night Rider is a Marathi play about a man and a woman in their 40s who are very close chat friends who can neither accept the traditional values of the previous generation nor adjust to the thinking of the new generation.
The play raises innumerable questions about the fundamentals of relationships and companionship. Directed by Rasika Joshi and Milind Pathak , the play stars Sonali Kulkarni and Milind Pathak .
White Lilly and Night Rider is part of the Natak@Brkfst concept which showcases an interesting play on one Sunday every month preceded by breakfast.
When : June 19, 9am -12.30pm
Where: Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium , Hirabaug
Book: www.ticketees.com
Call: +91 90285 12407

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