#VinitasPune: Will We Learn From The Lessons The Lockdown Taught Us?

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The Covid19 crisis is far from over…

Pune continues to tread cautiously while opening up.

Besides what the powers-that-be chalk out for our city,  here’s a poem of why we should introspect on the lessons taught by this pandemic. A humble philosophical thought scripted by me in the form of these two poems that will form part of the book I am working on currently.

Let’s break free from the lockdown but how…

So, now that we may break free, from this seemingly endless lockdown,

Let’s have freedom but with social responsibility this time.

Lets’s travel without auto emissions; can I sell my car please?

Let’s treat every public road and space as if it is mine.

Let’s not litter around or buy anything that has plastic.

Let’s treat our wet garbage as a give back to nature’s bosom.

Let’s make a balcony garden and grow organic vegetables.

Let’s break free from irresponsible thinking and eating.

Let’s break free from our own civic and social conditioning.

Where what mattered were conveniences and pleasures.

Let’s come out of the lockdown with a changed mindset.

To live Gandhi’s life of living for earth’s need and not for greed.

Let’s break free from the frivolous norms laid down by society.

That, drinking, partying, dining out and splurging are milestones of feat.

Let’s mentally continue to stay in the state of our lockdown condition.

Where; the undivided focus of a regimental routine has been the order.

Let’s have freedom from lockdown but with some rigid norms self-imposed on us.

Like the soldier who, like the Sun, never wavers to be up, about and upright.

Let’s break free from our casualness of taking things for granted.

Of giving our body and mind a long hand, to condone our laziness.

Let’s strengthen and tighten muscles of our body, lungs and heart.

To become a self-made soldier to challenge the virus’s wrath.

For that, God helps those who help themselves.

That is toning up your body, mind and soul, by yourself.

I want freedom from lockdown but it has certainly taught me.

That, some everyday duties must be performed with regimentation.

There cannot be a compromise on your daily exercise and meditation.

If you have to achieve total health and avoid medication.

I want to break free from this seemingly endless lockdown.

But with a wow that I would admire and value little things of life,

Like the blossoming of a flower; the dewdrops on the leaves.

The chirping of the birds early morning; the joy in child’s eyes.

The preciousness of having a spouse; forgiving his eccentricities.

Of giving unconditional love to children; who bring continuity.

Of recognizing the faceless, who are integral part of our community.

Of being aware of the accessibility; of all daily conveniences.

Of forgiving and forgetting of anything or anyone who hurt you.

Of instead; showering them with even more love within you.

Of not being judgmental but loving every person that meets you.

Of flashing a smile and; wearing a cheerful disposition constantly.

Lord I’ve learnt my lessons of being part of the maddening milieu.

Of rat racing so blindly and thoughtlessly, that I forgot to respect you.

You are Mother Nature, you are the splendid sky and breeze that blows.

Instead of embracing you, I trampled on you to achieve my goals.

I want to break free from the lockdown; please give me another chance.

I promise to tread my path, with utter care and accountability.

I promise to be a pilgrim in life’s journey; to preserve nature’s sanctity.

I promise to treat Mother Earth as sanctum sanctorum of the World Shrine.

I shall chase butterflies and smell the aroma of earth exuded by the first rain.

I shall revere the tree as my life’s umbrella, revering every leaf that whispers.

I shall get awestruck at the rich wildlife, leaving its periphery alone.

Lord, I shall simply be that drop in the ocean of World’s treasure zone.

Will you, will you forgive me now; for I shall leave no stone unturned.

To blend with nature, to bathe in the kindness and compassion for every creature.

To walk the path as if everything belongs to the entire humanity.

For all of us share this earth; it can no more be demarcated by geographical boundaries.

Will the world change?

Once we are freed from this lockdown…

Do you think? 

Compassion will replace commercialism?

Health politics will replace hate politics?

We, the people, will replace `I, me, myself’ 

Community harmony will replace communal disharmony?

Conscientious profit making will replace profit-above-all?

Social enterprise will replace business enterprise?

Live-to-eat will replace eat-to-live?

Localism will replace globalism?

Nationalism will replace internationalism?

Frugality will replace free spending?

Meditation will replace medication?

Fitness will replace fatigue?

Or will things be back to the` pre-corona normal’ to degrade further?’


#StaySafe #StayHome

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