‘To Veg Or Not To Veg’ – City’s Diet Dilemma

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Vegetarianism that was once assumed to be a norm in several parts of India, has now given way to 70 percent of our population eating non-veg diets or so claims a recent survey. .

Interestingly, our city’s vegetarians/ selective non-vegetarians etc also fall into various categories that range from the egg eating ones to the more adventurous types..

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“I am a vegan and will be throughout my life. Apart from the teachings we get from childhood, I personally do not feel like eating non-vegetarian food even on occasions when I am with my friends who have everything from fish to all meat. In fact, I do not use products that are made of animal skin or even tested on them.

I prefer food that does not have garlic or onions (if available),” says Mahavir Jain (25).

Prateek More (34) shares his sorrow of not being able to eat meat at home. “I am a foodie and my favourite dish is chicken popcorn but I can eat non-veg outside the house, not inside. This is because my mother is pure-vegetarian, neither she cooks nor does she allow non-veg inside the house. She would not even touch the utensil if any time we bring chicken at home.

Whenever my father and I want to have chicken, we eat outside,” he adds.

“Although I belong to a Punjabi family, we are pretty much, pure vegetarians. It’s not that we were told to be, but it is our personal choice. Some of my cousins do eat meat but I am not fond of them. I like veggies more as they are healthy and easy to digest. Though,  if I want to eat, there are no such restrictions from my family,” says Shristi Sharma (23).

Rajesh Agarwal (39) jumps from being a vegetarian to a non-vegetarian on some days.. “I can’t say I am a vegetarian because I do eat chicken on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

It is because on other days I am either fasting or eating veg. I eat vegetarian on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays due to spiritual reasons.”

“I think I am an egge-tarian for I can eat egg but not chicken. My family back home are all vegetarians, or at least I think they are. But since I am living in Pune for past three years, I have started eating eggs and egg made products all because of my roommates. And yes, I too like it,” giggles Priyanka Adeshra (24).

Prachi Meghawale (25) says, “I cannot think of eating chicken or any kind of meat. My parents are very strict about that. But I do eat cakes which has eggs because it doesn’t tastes like I am eating an egg and I really cannot find bakery products without eggs that tasty.”

“I live in a hostel with three roommates. It is very difficult to not let people eat what they want. My roomies do cook chicken at home and I am okay with that. I eat the gravy out of the bowl but not the meat. I just cannot because it looks weird. I have tried having it once but that was a huge mistake. I didn’t like it,” says Apoorv Ranpara (20).

Rajeev Patil (30) says, “I prefer non-veg only while I am partying. Non-veg starters make good combination with drinks. But when I am not drinking, I prefer eating veg.”

Believe us, there are even more variants than these.. !




#Respondent names changed on request, in the interest of privacy. 

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