This Young Educator Has Dedicated His Life To Empowering Rural India

Santosh Talaghatti

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual…

If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me” said scientist par excellence and former President of India (Late) Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Walking on his path is this techie who aims to make every child in rural India literate, well-educated and their villages digitally empowered with global classrooms.

Santosh Talaghatti after taking a gap from his education and working for more than a decade towards rural development and school transformation programs went on to complete his master’s in business administration in Technology Management from The University of Pune in 2015.

He believes that no matter how much is invested from the government’s point of view towards rural education, there is still a need for major improvement.

“At one end we are talking about high-end technologies, advanced machinery, robots, artificial intelligence, space etc but rural India is still devoid of basic infrastructure, be it internet, mobile phone connectivity, classroom syllabus, textbook content, technology, language, communication skills, confidence building etc.

They do not have any access to the kind of quality education that is imparted to the children of urban India.

A Pioneer of Global Classrooms, he aims at connecting 100000 primary and secondary schools to the global experts. As a change management innovator, he has a decade of experience in education technology and e-governance.

“I realised this five years ago, that the rural area is a platform where one needs to put a lot of efforts to bring them on par. Right from education to women empowerment to the upliftment of the younger crowd, all these challenges have greater scope of improvement.”

Digital India School - eLMNOPStarting from only one school, he went on to digitize and empower nearly ten thousand schools in Maharashtra that has positively impacted more than ten thousand children.

Through his conferences and workshops, he has reached out to nearly fifty thousand schools in India. The schools were chosen based on their willingness for change and readiness in experimenting with this program for greater benefit. 

“Rural India today needs investment of intelligence more than money and consequently, bridging the gap here is very important.

I believe that these kids are far more intelligent than those of urban areas.

Yet, I really feel the few who are recognised after performing well in several exams and proving their mettle on par with our urban kids are still a small 10% of the population. The other 90% of schools, children and teachers still need empowerment.

Digital India School - eLMNOP“Even the adults in rural India are reluctant to socialize with others or appear for an interview, due to lack of confidence and adequate training.

They dream of speaking English fluently since they weren’t provided with a platform where they could learn it right from their childhood. Also, the ratio of girls who are educated is drastically low in comparison to the boys.

He is also the Government of India’ Strategic Consultant for SEMT, Kerala for successful implementation of Digital India’ Mission Mode Projects. He was awarded by our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his contributions in innovation in Primary Education – Vision 2020.

“Through our programs, our effort is to make humans more efficient and productive, which can be done by providing special support in terms of education, capacity building, change management, guidance and right direction. Hence, I selected rural India and especially the schools as the area for change and started contributing right from the primary education to advanced level through various lectures, conferences, workshops, seminars.”

Founder of the startup ‘eLMNOP- eLearning Media Network Of Professionals’, which has been ranked among the top 10 innovative startups in India at Huddle 2018 and Namaskar With Love foundation, Santosh believes that by bringing people from different platforms to share their stories it would help the kids walk the right career path.

Digital India School - eLMNOPWe bring in experts from different professions to motivate the kids to work towards achieving their dreams. The classes that have been conducted with the experts are as good or even better than international standards.

Former President, Late Dr. APJ Kalam, Science expert Sudhir Kumbhar, Educationists Prakash Parab, Uday Singh Bhosale, Mathematician Ravindra Yeole, English-speaking expert Anagha Natekar, Sanskrit guru Dhanunjaya Shastri, Scientist Dr. Anand Ghaisas, Life Coach Any Mary, are a few among the inspirational speakers.

“I believe that for better career guidance, greater emotional handling and overall development, expert guides must be there to help the kids and bond with them on a very personal level.”

Santosh Talaghatti aims to extend this program to other parts of India including Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Germany, Australia, USA to work towards his dream to connect entire India worldwide.


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