This Tech Guru Has 850,000 + Subscribers !


Debuting as Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary first launched his popular YouTube channel in 2015. His daily show airs everything from tech news to gadgets-explained. With a staggering fan base of over 853,807 subscribers, his channel is the one to watch should you seek tech videos in Hindi.

Recently in town, the man himself speaks to us about starting a channel solo, swift shooting and more.

Jumping right in he says, “Personally I prefer being a part-time YouTuber mainly because I am fully involved in my family business. So I usually shoot a video, without any retakes or cuts. Sans any script or Teleprompters, I just start the camera and get going.

“It takes me about 10 minutes to shoot a video, 10 to edit it and 5 minutes for the upload. This ensures it’s half an hour for the entire process at most. Content is key though.

My videos are about the same things I learnt in college. Essentially, I convert the same things in Hindi while adding neat examples to simplify the matter for my audience.

Talking about his considerable fan base, he shares, “On an average my videos get 10,000 likes and between 2,000 and 3,000 comments. Yet only a small percentage of those comments are negative.

It is really heartening at times when viewers comment that my videos came in handy while answering an exam question or got them through an interview. “I always peruse through the comments to find out what the buzz is”, explains Gaurav stating that it helps him plan the next video based on audience preferences. “At times I undertake tons of research and familiarize myself with the subject when viewers request a new video.

Technical Guruji touches upon the significance of topicality when shooting a tech-news video saying, “I remember the evening of 8th November was when PM Modi made the official demonetization announcement. As it goes, I shoot my daily show Tech Talks every evening discussing the latest tech news. So I added in demonetization as a news highlight, which made the video viral with the right keywords.

“Next, the banks were to open only after a two day break. So I realized people wouldn’t get their hands on the notes before 11th. I researched all night and picked out high resolution images of the specimen notes RBI had published on their website and printed them.
“Rumours were that the 2000 INR notes would contain Nano-GPS chip. As I run a Tech channel, I wanted to use the specimens to quell these rumours. So I showcased the specimen notes in a video to acquaint the public with the new notes barely 12 hours after the announcement.

“At the time no one had the notes and yet I was holding paper printouts of them in my hand. This made the video go viral with over 2 million views at the time. So I cannot emphasize enough the importance of airing the right content at the right time.

“Aspiring YouTubers should know that coming up with an original idea is vital too, as is the importance of shooting and editing on the go!  “Recently, Google launched a phone the same time as Nokia, Motorola, Huawei and LG. I was travelling at the time, but I managed to release 8 videos featuring each of them. They were all shot in the matter of an hour. I edited them in the car, on the way to the airport uploading them before and after the journey.

“Editing is no biggie because my videos are shot in portrait mode without any retakes. So it’s definitely doable on the go.

Musing about his inspiration, Gaurav reveals that Elon Musk, the Canadian-American business mogul and inventor is his current idol. “Musk is going to change the world and is definitely a man to watch out for. Take SpaceX, Hyperloop or Tesla– he’s got some ingenious technologies coming in that will change the world as we know it in the next decade!” he spiritedly signs off.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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