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Much as they may shy from admitting this in a room full of people, every woman has that one thing about a man that makes her stop in her tracks and lets her mind wander…. and just as often, that thing is a lot more whacky than “he has a nice smile.” With Valentine’s day lingering not too far away, I spoke to some die-hard Pune women of varied age-groups to see what made their hearts skip a beat.

A well dressed, trendy man with a good sense of humour was what all the ladies boringly began with…but as I delved deeper into their fantasy’s here’s what came out!

Impromptu drives with her man to the Sinhagad fort, stopping at the shacks to devour hot pithla-bhakri with dynamite red chutney said Rashmi. Setting the mood especially during light showers, there were times we didn’t even make it to the fort, but turned around halfway through the drive to cozy up at home over hot tea and store-bought samosas! Now forty, (how’s that for a pun!) she reminisces over those carefree days while she holds fort at home wishing she could turn the clock back.

Good footwear : After checking a man’s face, the next thing I look at are his shoes. “They better go with the attire and they better be trendy!” said Rupali who shooed many a man away when he asked for a date! Talk about getting started on the wrong foot!

Men in Uniform : Said Karuna…. Sorely put off in her adolescent years while she walked home from college, she had mop-top buzz haired Academy boys on their day off stop and ask for her “friendship” in their quirky awkward accents. But that changed over time. Today rugged men in uniform are a bonus for good conversation, and if it’s Arjun Rampal it’s even better!

Pick-up lines: “If I said you have a good body, would you hold it against me” is an old one. But the fact that Rakesh said that to me on my first date was a turn on said Maria. It demonstrated he had the guts to speak his mind!

Sexy Trainer : It’s hard to concentrate on your exercise regime when your trainer is drop dead groovy said Richa. Her gym in Aundh has a bevy of women aiming for this trainer’s attention. “Gosh and when he chants “Up-Down, Up-Down” all the young and not-so-young women turn a crimson red with thoughts that wander”. (Wonder if this trainer has intentionally opted for these lines!)

Long Hair : While long hair can be a turn off for many women, it’s becoming increasingly popular with Pune’s youth. I love to watch his hair blow in the wind says Sampada who’s hair length matches Mahesh’s. She recalls the time they both went to a local spa in Koregaon Park for a hair wash and style. “How romantic is that!” she said aloud. (It was time to bite my tongue and refrain from commenting!) But she’s clear she prefers her man to be clean shaven with a moustache that’s not long enough to get washed away in coffee!

Food : A way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach is the new mantra. Most women were clear if their man opted for exotic meals when out at a restaurant, he was good enough to bring home! At the same time, a romantic pav-bhaji dinner on Pune’s Chowpatty was good enough on a late night to set the mood right!

Personal bartender: What’s better than a man who knows how to cook? A Mixologist! When your man mixes your drink for you just the way you like it, it’s a good sign! And you don’t even need to tip here! Confession : I overheard this talk by a kitty party gang of women in their late 40’s! And when one of them quipped (after a drink too many I guess) “A great guzzler is also a great nuzzler” she had her group in splits!

It’s obvious that a turn-on for one woman may be a turn-off for another. It’s a personal choice but sometimes sipping a hot cup of coffee together is way better than a packet of sweets from a Deccan Gymkhana store!

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Nikhila Deo

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