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He was the typical chocolate hero of Indian cinema – smart, clean shaven and ever ready to help…

His father Roshan was a famed music director and it was but natural that he stepped in films, winning minor roles. He made his debut with Ghar Ghar ki Kahani in a supporting role.

Unfortunately, Rakesh Roshan did not get many solo hero roles to expand his horizon and mostly landed up playing second fiddle to the main hero or the second lead in women-oriented films. Her carved a niche for himself as a good supporting actor and made a career out of it.

There were shades of grey too in some of his roles which were effective. However, Rakesh Roshan set up his own production company and then took to direction where he was very successful.  Rakesh Roshan was diagnosed with cancer recently.

Here Are Some Of His Earlier Movies:

Paraya Dhan (1972)

Paraya DhanCast: Hema Malini, Rakesh Roshan, Balraj Sahni, Abhi Bhattacharya, Om Prakash, Ajit
Director: Rajendra Bhatia

The plot revolves around a daughter who finds out dark secrets of her father whom she adores. Rajni (Hema Malini) lives a peaceful live in rural India with her father Govindram (Sahni). Her marriage is arranged with Shankar (Roshan) who she is attracted to.

But the peace and quiet of her village is shattered when a notorious dacoit named Hiralal (Ajit) comes and stays with her father. Rajni is shaken up by the turn of events. This gets worse when she realises her father is not what he seems to be.

Aankhon Aankhon Mein (1972)

Aankhon Aankhon Mein (1972)Cast: Rakesh Roshan, Rakhee, Pran, Achala Sachdev, Tarun Bose, Pankaj,  Dara Singh
Director: J Om Prakash

A rich man’s son takes up employment in Himachal Pradesh after a family disagreement and gets caught in a dilemma. Rakesh (Roshan) used to run his father’s business until his death and later is shunted out in a family dispute with his brother Naresh.

His job now includes building a dam in Himachal Pradesh. Unfortunately he secretly loves the Thakur’s (Pran) daughter but all hell breaks loose when his affair becomes known. Will Rakesh manage to convince the Thakur of his good intentions?

Trimurti (1974)

Trimurti (1974)Cast: Sanjay Khan, Parveen Babi, Rakesh Roshan, Asrani, A K Hangal, I S Johar, Achala Sachdev
Director: Rajendra Bhatia

Three idle mischief makers Vijay (Sanjay Khan), Nandu (Roshan) and Bhola (Asrani) live in a small house with Kalyani (Sachdev). Nandu then gets into trouble with the police. Kalyani attempts to release him but fails and in desperation she approaches rich man Jaganath (Hangal) and tells him Nandu is his son.

Nandu changes spots when he goes to live with Jaganath and he gets into fights with Vijay. But Nandu is not really Jaganath’s son and he falls into a deep mess from where it is difficult to come out. Will Nandu turn good again?

Kaamchor (1982)

Kaamchor (1982)Cast: Rakesh Roshan, Jaya Prada, Suresh Oberoi, Shriram Lagoo, Neeta Mehta
Director: K Vishwanath

An idler Suraj (Roshan) does not like any kind of work. He only builds castles in the air and dreams of marrying a rich girl and then relax during the rest of life. He gets the perfect opportunity when he finds Geeta (Jay Prada) during an event.

He woos and wins her over and looks forward to living with her at her father’s home. But Geeta wants him to stand on his own feet, preferring to live with her in-laws.  At this point, Suraj shows his true colours and is willing to do anything to go back to his father-in-laws house.

Shubh Kaamna (1983)

Shubh Kaamna (1983)Cast: Rakesh Roshan, Rati Agnihotri, Utpal Dutt, Vinod Mehra, Sujit Kumar, Om Prakash, Asrani
Director: K Vishwanath

A compulsive do-gooder Ratan (Roshan) gets alienated with his superiors and keeps losing his job. One day he comes across Sujata (Rati) and learns that her family cannot afford to get her married because they are poor and cannot raise dowry money.

But the kind-hearted Ratan takes the initiative and plans to get her married to Mr Mehra (Mehra). But that raises many questions. Are the couple willing to get into a marriage? Is Ratan right in arranging this?



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