#Furholics: Meet Truffle, The Playful Little Monster At The Nandedkar’s


Hyperactive, Playful and a Little Monster- This is Truffle -The Labrador who is a perfect bundle of love and affection…

Truffle was brought when he was just a 55 day old, tiny little fur ball of joy. He was even then as energetic as he is today, says Shardul Nandedkar, a photographer.


I have had pets all my life and they were always brought up like my siblings, but, Truffle is like a child for me.

I was trying to adopt a pet for a very long time and went through several adoption posts, and procedures but nothing worked well. Finally, a friend told me that his female had a litter and almost immediately, I went to see the puppies…

The first glance from truffle was enough for me to fall in love with his innocence and he was soon home!

Furholics-TruffleShardul shares, ” Within a few days of his homecoming, Truffle was diagnosed with tick fever. The vet told us that he only had 72 hours, but we didn’t lose hope!

We kept nursing him day and night for three days in a row. And, he made it and was back to being the star of our family, within a week!

Telling us what truffle loves doing, Shardul added, Truffle loves car drives, hiking and socialising with other dogs.

We have started taking him for outings every weekend.

Truffle is a big hiking enthusiast and has a lot of furry friends, however, he is still looking for the love of his life…

Truffle has explored all the hills in the city with his group of dogs and wanderers. Apart from that, truffle has also gone for many camps for night-outs with his friends, he added.

Shardul shares, “Truffle trusts people quick and will shower you with lots of kisses and hugs and in return, belly rubs are demanded!  He is allowed to sleep everywhere in the house and has a special talent of sleeping anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Although he has his separate bed, Truffle loves sleeping with his parents.


Like other dogs, Truffle is also very understanding and if he senses that anybody is upset, he will be there to comfort the person in his own way. But he will definitely heal you! he added,

Furholics-TruffleTruffles favourite food’ is curd rice, buttermilk rice and chicken rice.

He is not a fussy eater and whatever you give him, he will enjoy it like his favourite food!

Being the only little one in the house, he is raised like my little monster. Truffle is thoroughly pampered and is a spoilt kid who just loves to be cuddled and just wants to be around you all the time.

The best part of having truffle in our life is that completes our family.

He came in like positive energy for us and spread love and happiness with his wagging tail, says Shardul signing off.


#Here’s A Big Hug For Truffle From All Of Us At Pune365!!

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