Startup Story #69: Plobal Apps- Meet The Innovators Atul, Ali And Abhishek

The Founders


Early 2016 saw the birth of Plobal Apps, the brainchild of Atul Poharkar, Ali Motiwalla and Abhishek Jain. A simple and powerful mobile app development platform, this startup helps businesses create apps to reach key goals be it increasing revenue, sales, brand recall, and more. It works similarly to the way Jackrabbit Mobile works and allows entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to life.

Atul Poharkar

While Ali heads sales, Abhishek is CTO of the bourgeoning enterprise. We have extremely complementary skill sets so that works very well in our favour smiles Atul speaking of the bond he shares with his co-founders.

Our responsibilities are well defined so that helps us focus on our core strength areas.

As we re a startup, we have flexible work hours, he says of the work culture at Plobal Apps.

As a founder my major responsibility is charting out strategies for the company. On a day to day basis I look into the product and marketing front says Atul walking us through a day in his life as co-founder at Plobal Apps.

Jumping into work bright and early, Atul’s day starts with a busy discussion with the sales, marketing and product teams at the startup. We talk about their targets, current metrics and discuss the user feedback while chalking out product roadmaps, he explains.
The man who personally looks into data, analytics and optimisations also manages to run marketing campaigns for the business.

Startup Essentials
A mobile app development platform, Plobal Apps lets businesses build a mobile app for an Ecommerce store.?They facilitate app building in less than 10 minutes from the Browser itself.?The company undertakes market research, experiments and analyses data to determine the best features for dedicated Ecommerce mobile apps for each business.?Plobal Apps is the official app partner for Shopify Global and Zepo – India

Atul shares that he also takes time exploring new growth channels for the enterprise. Experimenting with new growth hacks is also something the team and I work on, he beams.

Walk into the busy office and it is chockfull of employees, merrily working away. We meet the team and Atul talks about the unique talents of the seven members at the core of Plobal.

Three bright engineers lead PHP, Android and iOS teams. Next up are their UI,UX Design and the frontend leads at the startup, after which we are introduced to the Customer Success and HR heads.

CEO After Hours
Atul works most weekend mornings, such is the life of a startup founder.?He spends evenings catching up with friends or sweating it out at the gym.?The man who loves a regular game of Badminton also enjoys a great swim.

The startup encourages a casual dress code and has initiated fun activities every other Friday. We have pre-determined teams and various competitions, beam the founders.

Currently we have more than 500 customers with a majority of them being from the US and European markets, reveals Atul as he signs off.



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