Startup Story #42: Goodat – A New Way to Develop Your Work Profile

Anurag Mawal and Ketcia Thach, Founders of Goodat


There are a few professional networking platforms but most of these are crowded and purely based on what’s written in your resume. On Goodat, you get the chance to showcase what you’re good at. This Indo-French startup, based in Pune was founded by Anurag Mawal and Ketcia Thach, who felt the need to create a platform for recruiters who would hire professionals solely on their ability to solve real problems.

Launched in March 2017, Goodat brings about a new way to develop your profile. Presently, Goodat only focuses on management related jobs like human resources, marketing, sales and communication. “It’s all about proving your skills. If you’re good at something, then you can surely prove it even if you don’t have a degree. Companies regularly put up question or problems they’re facing. Users can then answer these questions, showing their managerial skills. Mostly, companies don’t have time to filter out candidates. It is a time consuming and costly process. At Goodat, they can directly see the top profiles,” explains Anurag, a graduate from Sinhgad College of Engineering, who worked in various companies, including Infosys, for almost a decade before starting this.

Candidate’s workspace and profile at Goodat

There are more than 400 users on this platform with more than five companies using it to recruit professionals. But how does this work differently from LinkedIn? After a user builds his or her profile, they can ask or reply to any questions that have been posted. The questions put up by companies have subjective answers and allows them to gauge the user’s thought process. As the user builds their profile, they are able to leverage on it when companies post new jobs. For employers who are subscribed, this service provides relevant analytics and data about user’s answers and skills.

While speaking of the advantages of using Goodat, Anurag talks about his observations. “Leaving a well-paying job and starting something new is quite challenging. There are particular work hours in a startup life. You work all the time. The other thing I noticed once we were done with the product is that students are reluctant to use this. They are very picky about the brand name of the company and the salary being offered. It is important to understand that just because you have an MBA degree doesn’t mean that you have the necessary skill. Jobs aren’t coming in easy and companies are constantly cost-cutting.”

Company’s recruitment module on Goodat

Citing patience as his key learning, the entrepreneur also adds that he has learnt to be cautious of the ever fluctuating market. “You learn every day. The customer is unreasonable. While developing the product, we pivoted a lot, went back and forth to perfect it. I learnt that making a product and selling it are two different things. Most companies are hesitant to get on news platforms.”

Expanding the reach of this service, this startup sees itself being the key player in automating the filtering of candidates and removing the lengthy process of hiring. The founders are also keen on taking this platform to the American market.

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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