Vacay Time? Here’s What You Should Carry


For the past three years, I haven’t taken a proper vacation (discounting a two-day thing to Goa and the numerous weddings I have attended). So, as I embark on a two-week-long, radio silence-enforced, trek to the mountains, the only thing I have on my mind is travel.

And weirdly, one of the things I inadvertently think of when I think travel is airport fashion. Every fashion glossy I pick up has at least two sightings of celebs killing it with their airport fashion/travel style. My question though, is when did looking good at airports, when all you want to be is comfortable for long flights, become a thing? And how did all of us jump on the bandwagon of casual but carefully chosen denim, patched joggers and platform kicks?
Whatever happened, it has, and therefore, airport and travel style is a thing, which makes the ability to pack appropriately and travelling with outfits that let you make the best out of fewest, an essential skill. When you travel, any piece of clothing you carry, needs to instantaneously gain multi-tasking skills. Whether it’s a two-week vacation or a round-the-globe trip, you need to be able to pack right and pack light. It’s about know what to pick, matching the needs of your travel, and making that sure that everything in your suitcase can mixed and matched.

If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, you have seen at least one show with Tim Gunn talking about the 10 essentials of your wardrobe. I think your holiday suitcase needs to similarly have 10 essentials.

Always carry four tank tops or short sleeved tops in basic, neutral colours. You can wear them as is or layer them if required. Ideally all the tops you carry should match the bottoms you carry.

Bottoms you need to carry at least 3 sets of. This should really depend on where you are travelling to and what the weather is like. A pair of long pants, skirts, capris; make this decision of your destination dependent.

One long sleeved- shirt is a must in your travel pack. I would suggest carrying a white shirt which can be worn with denims for a classic look, layered over a dress for a casual, chic outfit, and can double up as versatile light jacket-like layer.

Two dresses which can transformed day-to-night with the right accessories are a must. An LBD is always a great idea for a dress to carry as is a wrap dress. Versatility is key.
Additionally, carry a jacket, a bathing suit if you are on a beach vacay, no more than three pairs of shoes (walking shoes, flats, and a pair of heels if you are off to a party destination), and accessories (include a belt, a scarf, and some understated and glam jewellery).

A mistake I have made in the past, and one I would urge you to avoid, is packing things you’ve never worn and think that you will wear while on a holiday. If the tag of that dress hasn’t been removed since it was bought two years ago, it isn’t coming off now. Pack as per the place you are going and the weather there. Leave space in your luggage for souvenirs and keepsakes. Make it a vacation where packing stress doesn’t get you down.

Trust me, you will have the best holiday ever.

Tulika Nair

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