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Over 5000 teaching staff of a large city based educational group have been on a strike on account of the non-payment of their salaries.

Reports also suggested that the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) barred 22 institutes run by this group from admissions in the next academic year, as the college management has been unable to pay the salaries of the faculties for last 15 months.

We spoke to some puneites who expressed their opinions on the atrocities the students face juggling amidst such controversies.

“We are now appearing for our online examinations, but the lectures of the first and third year students are not being conducted since January 25. There have been a lot of discrepancies since the teachers went on strike on the non payment of their dues,” quotes a B.E student of this Institute.

Brijesh Mukhi, seems to strike the right chord while opining, It is hard to understand, where all the money they collect goes, considering the students pay their semester fees in advance.

Why aren’t the teachers getting paid on time? When a student skips a deadline to pay the fee, he is supposed to pay fines and compensations. The same treatment should be provided to the college authorities as well. Such incidents reflected the commercialization of education and the decrease in the quality of education provided,” he exclaims.

“I was also studying in the subsidiary of a prestigious college of Pune that came under the guidelines of Pune university. But suddenly overnight, the college without prior notice increased the academic fees, hostel and mess charges that was informed to us, at a casual meeting. Additionally, the lectures were conducted on the basis of the availability of the faculty. No uniform lecture schedule was adopted. This was unexpected from such a notified college.

I eventually decided to change my college and shifted to another college that also worked under the university,” says Ashwini Chauhan, media student.

Harkishan Singh, father of a commerce student studying in Pune University quotes, “It is saddening to see how the educational institutes do not look after the main stakeholders of the institutes, the students and faculty.

“Everyday a new educational institute pops up at every area that keep robbing the students and their parents under the guise of education and facilities. The only people who are affected are us, the common people trying to get their kids educated.

Once the institute has taken money, they hardly care about the needs of the students,” he adds.

Tanushree Manik, an alumnus of a city-based BBA college says that amidst all the drama between the faculty and the management, the students are the one who get affected.

“Their regular lectures are postponed or cancelled. They juggle between all this mess, trying to figure out what they should to. Since they have paid their entire fees in advance, they shouldn’t be denied education, on the account of mis-management by the college authorities.

“They should be insulated from all the mess and the college authorities should ensure that their internal clashes don’t affect the teaching curriculum.”

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