#Pune365MoodMeter: Mother Earth – Do We Really Care ?


Almost every day, social timelines are inundated with posts on the importance of conservation of our depleting resources and how the world will come to an end, earlier than expected.

There is no dearth of people sermonising on the importance of environment protection and how they are contributing to protect our planet. ..

Pune365 decided to do a reality check and went about meeting citizens to figure how they are actually making a difference..

While there were quite a few who admitted, albeit with guilt, that they didn’t do anything to contribute towards the conservation of the environment, there were others who actually have adopted some measures to do their bit to help our planet.

Ojhal Kothari:People must start gifting a plant instead of a bouquet. It will not only help the environment to stay happy and healthy but also will keep the love alive as you see a growing plant every day as a symbol of your love. Don’t cut the flowers to show your love and togetherness. Grow them as the love grows. I have been doing this since quiet a long time. Everyone should also do this and be a part of the initiative of helping earth to stay healthy forever.

Pushkar Joshi: I am born and brought up in the most crowded city of Maharashtra; Mumbai. The traffic snarls and pollution there are at its worst. Hence, considering this as my duty, I try to use public transport as much as I can, be it in Pune or Mumbai. If at all I can’t skip taking a vehicle, I try to car pool and travel with my friends. Although it may not make a huge difference but it is satisfying to do your bit in conserving fuel and reducing pollution.


Riya Kalwani: I believe it is lethargy that is the major problem. I own a bicycle that I ride it whenever I need to go grocery shopping or for any work within a distance of few kilometres. This way I help reduce emission by using our vehicles. Moreover, cycling also keeps us healthy and fit. I think every household should have one bicycle to help makes the environment better, even if it’s in a small way. 


Shripad Patki : I think when we are conscious and alert, we tend to reduce our degree of wastage. I for one make sure to use water sparingly for domestic and personal hygiene purposes. I even try reusing water that was used for washing or cleaning for flushing the toilets. Though on a small scale, I am sure it does make a difference to conserving our precious natural resources.


Ankita Mishra: I contribute my bit by taking these small initiatives that I have adopted in my lifestyle. I always make it a point to switch off all the lights, fans and other electronic devices before I leave the house. I have also planted some plants in my balcony and most importantly I ensure there is no littering of any kind.. Even when travelling, I store the litter I find, in a bag and then dispose it responsibly. 



#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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Loveleen Kaur