#Pune365ForHelmets – Thank God For My Helmet!

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Pune has yet again turned a deaf ear to the pleas, media blitzkrieg and every other campaign to enforcing the use of helmets.

The Oxford Of The East choses to ignore basic safety education, presumably!

Nevertheless, this indifference will not deter us at Pune365 and we will continue our campaign for helmets. For those of you who believe helmets will ruin your hairstyle and block your vision, here is what these helmet survirors have to say…  

“Just thinking of that day is spine chilling for me” says Abhimanyu Kashyup.

“My father was driving my little sister and myself to school on his motor cycle when a dog suddenly came running and hit the wheel. The bike went out of control and the three of us were dragged under it for nearly 200 meters. My little sister was unconscious while my father’s right foot was badly injured. We could see the bones through the muscles. This happened eight years back.

“But thankfully both of us didn’t had any head injuries as we had our helmets on. The helmet was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be used after this accident. Without the helmets we wore, one of us would have lost our life for sure.  

“I was riding my bullet at 30 kms an hour in broad daylight and barely 500 metres from my house. The next thing I knew was that I skidded and was thrown off my bike and landed straight on the divider all thanks to a tiny patch of oil on the road. My head banged against the divider.

“I guess it took me a while to figure what happened. When I got up, I noticed my helmet had cracked down the centre like a coconut. I didn’t have a scratch on my head and just a wounded knee.

I still keep that broken helmet to show people how important it is to wear one,” shares Jay Dasgupta. 

It was sheer luck that saved this chartered accountant from a cracked skull. “While coming back from office, I saw three boys in their 20’s riding triple on a bike. They drove through the crowded roads weaving in and out like a snake. They finally lost control and collided with two other vehicles including mine,” says Radhika Pramanik.

“Just like any action film, I flew across the other lane. When I came back to my senses, I found myself on the hospital bed. I incurred some minor injuries and landed a broken limb.

The doctors later told me that apart from a scar on my head, I didn’t have any major head injury thanks to the helmet I was wearing” she adds.



These are actual stories from helmet survivors in the city. Wear a helmet and save your life. No one else can !


Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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Loveleen Kaur