Mood Meter: Ex-students hail autonomy for Fergusson

After a long-pending demand, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has finally accorded autonomous status for Fergusson College. This will be valid for a six-year period from academic year 2016-2017 to 2021-2022. We spoke to a few ex-students from Fergusson College to know what they felt about this and how their alma mater will benefit from the autonomy:

20June_Abha Pandit20June_Pradyumna PanditAbha (daughter) and Pradyumna (father) Pandit: Abha: I think one of the best outcomes of Fergusson college getting an autonomous status is that admissions will now be based on an aptitude test than merit, like it would happen earlier. Pradyumna: When I passed out in the year 1984 things were a lot different. Fergusson becoming an autonomous body is better as under the university, it takes decisions based on several considerations since many different kinds of institutions come under its purview. Now that the college is autonomous, it can make changes independently which can focus more on the goal for their college.

20June_Chirag GidwaniChirag Gidwani: The decision taken is brilliant, as the courses offered will be more flexible. With the choice of electives, the syllabus will become robust and more effective in learning.



Nidhi TapariaNidhi Taparia: I wish it had been autonomous at the time I was studying. More of us would have done multiple courses and specialisations. It would have definitely been more interesting for sure.



20June_Nikhil RameshNikhil Ramesh: This change is for the better. You need to evolve with the times and as of now the education system is not in sync with what is required in today’s time. It should be able to equip students with practical skills so that they can handle themselves in the professional world. The decision will hopefully benefit the college in this way.


20June_Prachi ParanjpyePrachi Paranjpye: This is a very good decision and I really wish it was there in my time. I am sure this decision will be a welcoming change for the faculty as they deserve it. Earlier, they had to follow a strict syllabus and could not modify it even if they wanted to.


20June_Reva JoshiReva Joshi: The best part is there will be more choice and one can now get a choice of electives. For instance, one can now take biology as a subject while studying psychology, as the two are so closely related. Science students can study art subjects and vice versa.


20June_Santanu BorahSantanu Borah: I think this decision to become autonomous is great. No individual should be constrained. I remember when I was studying arts in Fergusson, a lot of students from the science stream would come attend our philosophy classes, but could not choose it as a subject to study.


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