#Pulse – No Strings Attached For Pune’s Women

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For time immemorial, marriages in India were always considered integral to the culture, what with it being referred to as a sacred union of two individuals. However, domestic violence, dowry cases, suicides, marital rapes soon took centre stage leading to the unceremonious exit of faith and belief in the institution of marriage and more specifically arranged ones.

While the tradition of getting girls married soon after they attains the legal age still prevails, more and more people are now breaking this stereotypical mould to stay single.

Pune365 spoke to women in the city to have them opine on staying single, if they had an option to do so…

“If given a choice, I think i will like to stay single,” shares Palak Singh (25). “With so many instances popping up of divorce, marital rapes, dowry, unhappy married life, suicides and more, somewhere I am frightened. On the contrary, I know that things sometimes do work out if we work towards it but taking that leap of faith scares me. Although I know two years down the line, I will have to decide on someone due to family pressures, but yes, living single would be my first preference.”

Speaking her mind, Sneha Menon (24) says, “I have seen my parents breaking up and getting married again. Even now, my mother suffers a lot of emotional stress and physical torture. I never agreed with my mother’s decision on getting re-married hence I live in Pune, away from my family.

“I have also gone through some bad relationships. Committing to someone for life and being sure that he remains loyal to you is tough. Thanks to marriage being so hyped, and the process so complex, I have decided to refrain from it and live single, without guilt.”

“Just after six months of my marriage, I filed a divorce case as my husband had an extra marital affair,” says Meghna Agashey (27). “I am currently living with my parents and have resumed my job. It was an arranged marriage and I was forced into it because of my age. Even now, my parents are thinking of getting me re-married. The problem with them is that they are not ready to answer the society. They don’t even tell people that I am divorced.

“For me, I have taken a decision to staying single till I want otherwise. In any case, I won’t be a burden on my future spouse, so why compromise on my life. I am more open to a live-in relationship over getting married and going through the entire drill. It is a gamble after all.”

A. Ridhima (26) thinks otherwise and does not wish to break this norm in the natural cycle of life. “I know that this is the toughest decision to make, but why not be true to what we do and commit to our relationship. It is purely in the hands of someone to make or break their own relationships. They can always figure out a mid-point to resolve the issues. Our parents are living examples of it.

“Nowadays, I think that the trend of being independent and proving to be stable monetarily has led people to rethink about marriage. Fights and complications are everywhere, but when you have the support of the person you love, life becomes meaningful. And of course, not every story has a happy ending,” she adds.


#The views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( names changed to protect privacy ) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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