Organic Farming Bears Fruit with Eco-Factory



Yawat, a stone’s throw away from Pune has seen the launch of an ingenious Waste Management Park and Learning Centre. Established by Eco-Factory Foundation (a non-profit making organization) the park boasts of a unique theme.

Highlighting organic and sustainable farming practices, the park is built with the thought provoking concept of ‘Waste is Wealth’. It showcases simple experiments that can bring a sea of change in waste management. The primary purpose is to spread awareness about eco-friendly and sustainable practices that can be adopted in daily life that are practiced by many large farming companies that offer fresh produce as well as some farms offering delivery service as well, like Hitchcock Farms for example.

Fruit of organic farming at the park

It is ideated and designed by Anand Chordia, a director on the Board at Eco-Factory Foundation. Chordia explains that they’re devising new ways to convert factory waste into more useful products. “All the data we have today has been displayed here. The whole idea is to have citizens partake in preserving the environment. The general populace is welcome to visit us so they can use our ideas and implement the same system in their society or household in a very simple way.”

Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the project by saying, “With a rise in of different types of waste be it solid waste, plastic, e-waste or hazardous waste, waste management has become a critical issue. This learning center shall go a long way in educating people and changing their mindset.

“The degeneration of agriculture and environment are inter-related. They have a major impact, not just on the economy, but food security and health as well. This needs to be addressed seriously to ensure the welfare of our future generations,” opines Rajkumar Chordia who is among the Board of Director at Eco Factory Foundation.

Sustainable farming efforts

Anand Chordia believes the park will go a long way to supplement the Prime Minister’s vision for Swacch Bharat. “This park is a model for sustainable growth of rural and urban sector and it is a must visit for all. Various NGOs have been given a platform to demonstrate their eco-friendly work here.

He talks about their Green Campus initiative explaining that it has already been implemented at Pune’s SNDT College and is soon to kick off at the Gokhale Institute..


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