Nitin Marde’ Art – Life On Canvas

A self-made man, Nitin Marde is a talented young artist. Despite a rough start in life, the man hailing from Latur creates stunning paintings rich with expression. Using vibrant hues and cautious strokes he’s beautifully depicted the beauty and struggles of rural life along with artwork that portrays young love.

Marde is currently showcasing his art at Malaka Spice in Koregaon Park where we had the chance to interview the bright and astonishingly humble artist.

Tell us a bit about your childhood and how you started your journey with art.

Well, as an orphan, I grew up in the orphanage. So what I am today is all thanks to my friends and teachers. The immense support I got from them really blessed by childhood.As a kid, I always loved to paint, which is why I decided to become an artist.


Many of your paintings depict the pain and struggle of the common man- specifically the lack of food, clothing and shelter. What do you hope to communicate through your art?

I have always wanted to portray reality with my paintings. So I choose realistic subjects that I observe in daily life or my surroundings.

Which artwork is your personal favourite?

There’s one in particular of a young girl holding a flower with a secret smile. The background shows a lot of conflict about her life, yet the girl has hope and a secret smile. This indicates her longing for her soul mate while hinting at the importance and complexity of relationships.

What would you say is the true essence of your paintings?

Each of my paintings is imbibed with things I feel deeply. So my feelings are at the essence bringing them alive.

Your advice to aspiring artists?

Just let the power of your imagination drive you when you take to the canvas. Stick to your individual style and develop that rather than aping a famous artist.

A person who has impacted your life the most?

I’ve been lucky in this aspect as I’ve had more than one mentor. Gopal Chowdhry, Virendra Chopde and Suryavanshi Sirs have helped me grow as an artist.

But I’ve always admired the founder of Ravi Masale, as he’s been a great source of inspiration. Then there have been kindred spirits along the way like Preeti Singh who helped me showcase my artwork.

What is next on the horizon for 2017-2018?

Currently, I’m working on a couple of projects in women empowerment and child development. So I hope to showcase my paintings in exhibitions all over India. Perhaps someday my work shall get international acclaim. (Smiles)

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Aditi Balsaver

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