‘If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On Anita, Play On..

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William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and it’s opening lines says it all..

From being an MBA, to teaching at colleges, going on a solo backpack trip, to learning music at the age of 56, she’s done it all !

Anita Sharma

We met Anita Sharma, a 60-year- old violin aficionado who believes, that there is no ideal age for learning.

Her mantra of living life to the fullest and never stalling in any challenging situation, has kept her going even after overcoming a very difficult and painful experience.

This amazing lady firmly believes, that age can never be an excuse to pursue one dreams.

“I did my MBA in marketing after which I worked as a sales manager with the Golden Tobacco Company,” says Anita.

“Soon after, I was transferred as the regional sales manager to Goa. By then I was married and I was not willing to relocate as my children were studying at a lovely school in Pune and I didn’t want to compromise on their education. So, I left the job and took a break.

“I enjoyed doing nothing until I started getting thoroughly bored and began putting on weight post which I started taking tuitions for 10th and 12th grade. In a very short span of time, I had over 200 students in Pune and I started my own academy which one
of my students named Gurukul Classes.

“It was a tent in a garden and we all used to sit under it to study. I was also teaching at different schools simultaneously.

“Then I got a severe attack of arthritis and I was totally bedridden. The pain was unbearable and it felt like death. But my students were very supportive at that point. They insisted that I should continue coming to the class. Although I was barely audible at class, they didn’t make me feel so…

“They had probably made up their minds to pull me out of my illness.

“After my recovery, I resumed teaching, but this time in colleges. But the constant strain on the body lead to knee trouble and the only option for me, was to give up teaching.

“The time had come to take a break and travel the world. So my friends and I decided to travel abroad once a year and within India on a fixed budget. I even had a solo backpack trip for 33 days which was the best that I ever had.

“After all the travelling, massive spending and enjoying life to the hilt, I realised, that the time had come to change track again, as I did not want to go back to teaching maths and English.

“My parents were radio singers so I thought of getting into music. Around 10 years ago, I launched the Gurukul Music Academy and hired professionals to teach the students. But I wasn’t quite happy with one of the teachers and hence decided to learn music myself.

“It was an all new start for me at 56; I was determined to learn since age didn’t matter.
But teaching music was difficult, because there will be always someone who wants to know more. Remaining realistic, I never tried to teach things that I did not know.

“Currently, I have over 60 children in my music academy from all ages. I also have senior citizens, some even aged 70. My family has been very supportive despite all the noise going on 24×7.

“My favourite musical instrument is the violin. Although I am not an expert, I love playing it. For me, music has been a continuous learning process.

Music for me is like a best friend,” she adds.
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