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Music Therapy
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Music has evolved to greater meaning over the years and is today, a therapeutic method to de-stress and cleanse the body, mind and soul.

We decided to dig deep to understand this  ‘not so popular’ type of therapy that is believed to have the potential to help us recover from various emotional, physical and mental malaises.

Santosh Ghatpande, a certified music therapist and co-owner of “Music Café” talks about how just listening to music can prevent us from the side effects of a busy, hectic and unhealthy lifestyle.

“If people want to exercise they head to a gym. Similarly, Music Café helps to use specially curated music in their daily routine to help clients improve their physical and mental health.

“Music therapy helps in cleansing and detoxing the mind, soul and body and helps prevent the possible need to visit a psychiatrist or a medical professional,” he added.

Professing that healthy people can also enjoy the therapy, he says, “There doesn’t need to be a severe problem before one takes on the therapy; music therapy can act on smaller things like anger control, concentration improvement, stress management among a few.

“Not only does music works on the emotional aspects, physical ailments like heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes can also be dealt with. It’s just a matter of time and being honest to the therapy,” he adds.

Stating that Music Therapy involves active and receptive forms of treatment, he says “The clients can actively create music with instruments or even sing in groups or individually. Some can also use the receptive method where a set of tracks are provided to the client according to his behavioural pattern and they just have to listen to it spiritually in the prescribed time slots.”

He also adds, “The therapy also helps during pregnancy and even infertility besides Alzheimer’s disease. Pre and post-surgery music therapies are now-a-days encouraged in many hospitals to calm the patients.”

There is a variety of Music available, emphasising on it, he says “The base of the music is Indian classical here since it has a more therapeutic effect rather than any other form of music. But world and instrumental music are also incorporated apart from some vocals.

“A frequency study helps us to determine a specific music that have the soothing effect and can work wonders for the patient and his ailment. Personal musical preferences are also kept in mind while curating personalised music,” Ghatpande adds.

Recommending not to skip the already prescribed dose of medicines initially, he says, “A parallel music therapy along with your treatment cycle will eventually reduce your pills consumption and definitely help relieve you from the ailment in the long run.

“A client of mine who suffered from blood pressure fluctuations took a CD of the track that was curated for her. To avoid spending dollars on her treatment she opted to listen the tracks on the prescribed time slots along with her regular treatment.

She says that the doctors have recommended her to stop the medicines and continue with the music therapy instead,” he adds.

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