#MajorC- Meet The DJ, Composer And Producer Whose Work Says It All

Major C


Bhaag Bhaag Aaya Sher Aaya Sher…

These lyrics have become a household name for millions of music fans across the globe. From the movie ‘Gully Boy’ (directed by Zoya Akhtar) the track has been ruling the top of the charts this year.

Written and sung by Indian rapper, Vivian Fernandes, AKA Divine, this track got its beat from the multi-talented Major C who is the music producer.

Mumbai’s premier DJ and the man behind the acclaimed Hip-Hop act “Bombay Bassment“, Chandrashekar Kunder (Chandu) is known by his stage name, ‘MAJOR C’. He is an acclaimed disc jockey, music composer and producer.

Major C speaks to Pune365 on his work, and his latest Bollywood composition that topped the charts…

This Mumbai-based musician from Kurla has been DJ-ing for the past two decades and has collaborated with acclaimed national and international artists, performing around the world. From being a veteran DJ to rapping this way into mainstream Bollywood, his untamed love for music made him the sensation he is today. As he started his career as a DJ, it’s understandable that most people know him from that. He is an extremely talented DJ who many look up to. For any aspiring DJs, it might be worth looking into dj finance options to see if that helps them purchase some DJ equipment to make some music like Major C’s.

“Since I have been DJ-ing for many years and listening to many genres of music, I was inspired to produce music and also be a part of the hip hop scene.

Eventually, I thought of contributing to it too. I was working on a hip-hop instrumental keeping Divine’s rap style in mind.

After completing the beat, I shared it with him and told him ‘Bhai Yee Beat Pay Kuch Hoo Saktai To Deekho’ and he as usual blows my freaking mind by making me hear ‘Sher Aaya Sher’. This is how the song came to life. I thank him for giving me this opportunity to collaborate with him on the track,” adds Major C.

This DJ and producer enjoys everything with music. “I love being on stage DJ-ing or just with the band. I just wanted to make a career in music, be it as a DJ or a producer.

Being a DJ, I have been listing and playing a lot of other genres like hip hop, Reggae, Dance hall, Naija, Soca Afro beat etc. As a producer this was my contribution to the Indian hip-hop scene.”

Major CSharing how Chandrashekar Kunder become Major C, he says, “C is the first note for music and I like the major cords of C , so C -Major became Major C and my first name also starts with the alphabet C, hence, Major C.

However, I don’t think having a show name or a different look makes any difference.

I work hard and wisely and let my work speak for me. All The rest just falls into place.”

Image Courtesy: Facebook page

Speaking about the Indian hip-hop scene, he says, “I think we are doing really well in the hip-hop scene. Brother’s like Divine and Naezy are performing round the globe and collaborating with international artists and this is a huge achievement.

Female rappers like Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan, MC Manmeet Kaur and Deane Sequeira are also making it big.

“The movie ‘Gully Boy’ itself says it all and it is just going to get better and better. The movie was intended to showcase the hidden talent in the Mumbai rap scene and Zoya Akthar to a greater extent has done justice to the Mumbai/Indian Hip Hop scene,” he adds.

So, now, if you spot a man sporting a beret and gnome-like beard, spinning the coolest tunes, it is none other than ‘MAJOR C’.


#Major C is scheduled to perform in the city on March 9 and 10 at the Good Vibes Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival.

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