The Mad Scientist And Other Sizzling Wonders

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Bubbling and sizzling magic potions in all their foaming glory are not limited to the Potter Universe. The Three Broomsticks or Hogs Head may be limited to your fantasy, but you can actually try these oozing and frothing local fancies.

This weekend, we bring you fizzy drinks that would make Heston Blumenthal proud!

The Mad Scientist

A spectacular example of molecular mixology, the foaming and frothing Mad Scientist is a must order at this watering hole. It comprises of Tequila and Blue Curacao with the zingy addition of lime and pineapple. This whacky drink will instantly transport you to Dexter’s laboratory. Psst- expect lots of bubbles.

Where : Retox, Viman Nagar
Cost    :  Rs.429

Tokyo Midtown

Although Kinki is best visited for sumptuous Japanese fare, their cocktails do impress. Tokyo Midtown offers you a delightful brew laced with freshly diced musk melon, vodka and apple juice. You detect an undertone of fresh lime and a dash of sugar that is beautifully shaken together and brought to you. This wonder is served in a stunning cigar pipe.

Where : Kinki, Baner
Cost    :  Rs.300

Farzi Apple Foamintini

If you crave a palatable drink with a twist of razzmatazz, then the Apple Foamintini is for you. Taking mixology to a new level this Farzified cocktail looks marvelous and aims to please with the taste as well.

Where : Farzi, Kalyani Nagar
Cost    :  Rs.450

Colour Colour, What Colour

One of the best places in town to sample a witchin brew, Retox certainly packs a punch with their colour changing drink. What you get is a beaker with large cubes of dry ice, a vial of mellow yellow potion and a test-tube of blue liquid that you must pour together and watch the colours change. The unnamed ingredients only add flavour and intrigue to this Vodka based drink.

Where : Retox, Viman Nagar
Cost    :  Rs. 429

Bada Bing Bada Bong

This delicious drink is meant for Vodka lovers. Graced with the freshness of basil and the scarlet sweetness of watermelon, this Bada Bing Bada Bong is hugely popular among millennials. You cannot miss the hint of carbonated ginger that just kicks this brew up a notch.

Where : Urban Foundry, Baner
Cost    :  Rs.500


#The consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Pune365 does not advocate the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. #All prices mentioned are indicative and images used are for representation purposes. Readers are advised to check with the individual restaurants to confirm prices. 

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