Love at First Click

Love at first click

If you thought romancing a ‘Facebook friend’ or Tinder match was mighty forward, think again. Omegle, Kik and even LinkedIn are where the real game is at.

These 20 somethings tell us all.

A LinkedIn Connection

Taking professional networking to the next level; LinkedIn is where Priyanka met Vishal. “His company is one of our largest suppliers. Things heated up when he said he wanted to connect with me on several levels. It was a blissful week of emailing before I ended it.

“He wouldn’t show me his Facebook account you see. As I had no other data about him, how should I know he is who he says he is? I was forced to end it rather than become invested in someone hiding a large part of himself.”

Choose Omegle if global strangers and anonymity is your thing. If you find yourself banned from Omegle for breaking rules, you may still be able to access it; you can find out how to get unbanned from Omegle on the VPN Compass website.

Strangers in the Night

Harsh Raheja admits to taking to the portal one evening frustrated post-breakup and having just quit his job. “I came across a lot of freaks and promiscuous men before I met her.

“I wasn’t looking for anything serious, but what a woman! She was completely like a guy and we were vibing like crazy. I got her digits after 30 minutes of chatting. I was perturbed when some of my friends suggested it was a man messing with me, but an hour of video calling banished my doubts.

“It’s been six months and we’re going strong. She’s from Kerala and we plan to meet next month,” he grins.

A word of caution though, some digital meet-cutes can turn creepy from quirky in minutes!

The Pervy Insta Admin

Neha Pathak tells us how she fell for the admin of an Instagram page. “The admin was going live at 3 a.m. so I just sent him a flirty text to see if he’d respond when live. He DM’d (direct messaged) me later and we totally hit it off.

“After a couple of days of talking though, his messages got awfully suggestive and the phone calls were ridden with sexual innuendos. So I had to block him, from Whatsapp, Facebook and even Instagram!”

Batty Kik Chick

“I was looking for a Siya and texted the wrong one”, shares Jai Saini. “She was shy, but adorable and had my heart racing as soon as she shared her picture. We talked for hours and Skyped every day. After celebrating our ‘one week anniversary’ she asked me for my birth time.

“She freaked me out when I realized it was to match our Janam Kundalis. I mean marriage kundali matches after a week of Skyping!? Somebody’s cuckoo! Sadly my mom encouraged the match because apparently we were both Mangliks.”

Be it your digital soulmate you seek or a whacky rendezvous, venture online with a heart full of hope and a head full of caution!

#All names changed to protect individuals privacy

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Aditi Balsaver

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