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Disagree with Boss
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Working under a moody and adamant boss is not as tough as dealing with one who is in constant disagreement with you…

Coming to terms with his or her last minute changes and disagreement can be a daunting task and this is precisely why these young working professionals have advise to offer:

Daaud Khan, Sales manager: There is definitely a fine line between having a good rapport with your boss and being a boot licker. However, If and when you do have a good rapport, it gets easier to interact and put forth your points.

Of course, most people do have some amount of ego issues. The trick is to communicate in a manner that puts your views across without hurting the ego of your boss.

It also depends on what exactly the topic of discussion is. Also the way you speak, voice modulation, tone and manner play an important role depending on the individual.

Yet, I must add that managing your boss is an art which you learn only over time.

Ananaya Pandit, Content Creator: Disagreeing with your boss can be dicey at times, depending on what you have a conflict of opinion on.

The best is to do it once your paycheck clears. So you can get up and leave, if the boss gets verbally abusive.

Pritesh Khurana, IT employee : Most of the reactions depend on the relationship with your boss. If you do enjoy the space to speak your mind without hurting his temperament, there is nothing like it.

But, if you are that vein in his body that always aches, then things can take an ugly turn.

The best is to come to a mutual agreement after both of you have compromised in some manner. It is important that both understand that it is not a battle lost. This helps build a healthy and positive relationship.

Parikshit Raman, Head of Hospitality, At times, the boss’s attitude towards their opposite sex is quiet lenient in comparison to one of their own. In this situation, it does become  difficult to disagree with your boss.

A practical boss can make you break, well before he even listens to your pitch. Yet, if the leader or boss doesn’t encourage an employees opinion, then you are in the wrong place.

When it comes to salary negotiations, pitch when you know the company has enough funds and less expenses. Situations like when they have fewer employees than before and yet have more funds coming in.

Karan Agarwal, Founder, Green Energy Movement, If the boss knows that the employee is intrapreneurially inclined, he or she will most often give a thought to what the employee has to say.

Intrapreneurship in layman terms refers to employee displaying initiative in organizations to undertake new tasks or responsibility voluntarily, They focus on innovation and creativity and transform ideas into profitable ventures.


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