GPS Trackers In Private Vehicles Will Allay Security Concerns

GPS - Location tracking in vehicles
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It’s late night and Dr. Kavita hasn’t reached home after handling an emergency case. Her mother is tense since her daughter isn’t picking her calls too.

“I hope we could track the whereabouts of her car to know if she is driving back home yet,” she said.

This is the concern of every parent burning the night oil waiting for their kids to return, with great concern for their security. All they want is to keep a track on their kids and help them in case of an emergency.

After the Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi, the government issued directives for public transport vehicles to install fully operational Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Numerous school buses, office transport vehicles and only a handful of public buses in Pune have this facility, where parents can track the movement of such vehicles.

“All commercial vehicles, including auto-rickshaws, cars, trucks and buses, have to install GPS in line with the Centre and the Supreme Court’s directives,” said a report.

But what if private vehicles are also installed with GPS trackers? It will certainly help regulate vehicle theft, control illegal transportation, locate movement among others.

“Security at public spaces and in public vehicles today are a concern, be it in Pune too which is assumed to be one of the safest cities, but one cannot vouch for the intentions of people. I believe that having something like the GPS trackers will help a lot to track vehicles during a theft,” says Parun Singh, a Sasane Nagar resident.

“It is really difficult to even park vehicles at your own parking at night, especially two-wheelers. People should look into developing devices that are portable for any kind of vehicles,” she adds.

“The GSP devices in school buses have proved helpful in tracking where the kids are and that keeps my tension at bay. Such technology should be incorporated in our vehicles too. It will be so easy knowing that we have access to our own security,” says Krishna Sharma, a corporate employee.

“Additionally, every public bus, three-wheeler, private taxi and cab should be installed with these live trackers from where a family can keep a check on us, especially at night, when we travel from office back home after our night shifts or even late night,” she adds.

Gaurav Pendse, who works with a transport company, feels that having a tracker can help regulate illegal transport and use of vehicles for other faulty purposes. “It can also help keep an eye on the movement around the vehicles too. These can be helpful in case of accidents and to control what the drivers and their counterparts do while they are on their way to transport goods from one state to other.”


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