#Freedom17 – Dive Into These 1000 Cal Wonders



With August 15th around the corner, the whiff of freedom is all pervading and what better way to kick off the celebrations with an indulgent list of Pune’s high calorie dishes..

Apparently, our average daily calorific requirement is 1200 kcal but this is freedom time and seducing your palate with 1000+ calorie dishes is the need of the hour.

Stop overthinking and join us in this chase for calories..

Cheese Pav Bhaji: 1,500 Calories


An all time favourite in town, Cheese Pav Bhaji is seldom had with just two pavs. Yet, it is absolutely refused without the generous slab of melting yellow butter. The addition of grated cheese crowning the butter simply takes you to grease heaven at 1,500 calories. So think twice the next time you yell for those extra pav, Makkhan Maar ke!


Nutella Freak Shake: 1,400 Calories

This oozing behemoth is a melange of mini desserts all clubbed into one wicked shake. To begin with, you have a stout jar of cold coffee with a caramel twist and chocolate chips. Top this off with a rich chocolate tart, a whole chocobar (yes you read right), M n M’s and whipped cream. Complete this with a large scoop of ice cream and a syringe of chocolate sauce to dress your dessert and you have yourself a freaaakkkkk shake.

It easily totals at over 1,400 calories. God help those who order one of these devils to top off a full-fledged meal.

Butter Chicken with Naan: 1,000 Calories

The quintessential crowd pleaser, Butter Chicken with butter Naan or Basmati rice is something we’ve all dreamt of. Garnished with a generous drizzle of malai and a dollop of butter on top, this one’s sure to raise your cholesterol the moment you place your order. The ample inclusion of butter ensures this offers you 1,000 calories.


Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream: 1,000 Calories

A dense fudgy brownie served with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream atop a sizzling grate; this one’s a huge hit. With a vial of thick chocolate sauce to pour atop your already sinful order, you have a sublime dessert. While your average order totals at 850 calories; the frequent addition of a chocolate scoop drizzled with mouth-watering caramel takes your calorie count well over a 1000.


The Crispy Chicken Trifecta: 1,010 Calories

One of the most popular fast food orders, double fried extra crispy chicken is indeed slurpy good. While the call of the golden crackle and crispy chicken may be hard to avoid; just 3 pieces are a neat way to pack on 1,010 calories.

Bon Apetit !

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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Aditi Balsaver