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Red Wine - Christmas
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The city is sparkling and decked up in hues of red and white to welcome the wonderful warm season of Christmas and pave way for a splendid new year…

Time for the extended feasting, carols and the sparkle of the finest aperitifs to set the mood for the season.

For many, this season is incomplete without that impeccable glass of smooth wine to accompany the personal selection of cuisine, yet, finding the perfect wine is a daunting task for the uninitiated.

Pune365 invited Sujata Patil, an expert in the domain of wines to make your task easy.

From a deep knowledge about wines by themselves to an excellent overview of the business aspects of the wine industry, she knows it all. She combines this with a mastery over the French language and culture.

On invitation, she brings to our readers her personal favourites that are affordable and easily available in the city to make this season just perfect! 

Reveilo Grillo (White):

An easy drinking crisp white wine, I recommend this wine both as an aperitif and as a wine to be had with food. The only Grillo wine made in the country, this is really not a wine to be missed.

Grover Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc (White): 

This is one of my favourite Sauvignon Blanc wines made in the country.  Easy to start your evening with, but also a great wine that can accompany the spicy Indian cuisines such as Chettinad Chicken or the Malvani sea food preparations. Its mild grapefruit and citrusy flavours make this wine linger on your palate till you are ready to try the next one!

Sula Chenin Blanc: 

This is an all-time favourite wine amongst wine lovers, new and old. Perfect as an aperitif, but also can accompany sweet and spicy cuisines like Gujarati food.

Noi (Sparkling):

What is a festive season without a festive wine like a sparkling wine?  This off dry expression of the Chenin Blanc, is very appealing to a very wide audience, thanks to the mild sweetness and a pleasing acidity to finish on the palate.  Pop open a bottle to begin the celebrations or use it to make an interesting cocktail with a sparkling wine!  It is sure to be a favourite among all age groups!  Try it with a fruit-based dessert too, it will bring about a very new experience on your palate!

Reveilo Nero d’Avola (Red): 

Once again, it is the only Nero d’Avola wine made in the country.  Its Sicilian avatar rarely shows the level of spiciness the Indian one does, but that is what makes it perhaps a great pairing for a dish like Rogan Josh or also a lamb shank.  I certainly recommend that you don’t miss this one!

Sula Zinfandel (Red): 

You don’t find this wine at every restaurant like some of the others from the Sula portfolio.  It is however, a very delicious expression of the Zinfandel grape and pairs easily with mildly spicy lamb dishes or a tasty pork belly preparation.  The mild spiciness accompanied by fruit flavours this wine expresses has always won me over.

Not only this, Sujata also has advise for those suffering with diabetes. “These are all great wines for everyone to try, but I do not suggest the Noi for anyone who has diabetes due to a higher level of sugar the wine contains. 

Any dry wine (wine that contains less than 5gm / litre of residual sugar) is suited for diabetics to consume.  In the sparkling category, a brut sparkling is what diabetics can enjoy.”

Let The Party Begin!


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#Drink Responsibly. The consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Do not drink and drive!

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