#Diwali2017: Home Lighting Ideas – Aesthetic & Pocket Friendly

Happy DiwaliCome Diwali and the streets are resplendent with lovely lights and decoration items to brighten the city. With lanes full of shops offering lights, danglers, lamps, diyas and other accessories, the consumers are spoilt for choice..

The really beautiful aesthetic Diwali decor can unfortunately burn a huge hole in our pockets; or so we thought, till we connected with Suhani Lal Sanghra, a city based architect to give our readers her tips and tricks to give your house a beautiful Diwali makeover and yet remaining practical and economical.

Suhani is known in her practice for the innovative use of colour, lighting and material to completely alter built spaces externally as well as internally.

One of her favorite investment pieces is a Himalayan salt lamp. Salt lamps produce a soft, diffused light and can be the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room. You can find a great selection of salt lamps online by typing ‘Moon lamp uk‘ into your search engine of choice.

Here she is, sharing her secrets to make your home beautiful this season…

Glass bottles and old jars make for innovative and beautiful lighting.

Used bottles could be styled to make lamps and hanging lights. Jars and bottles can be filled with stone and lights added to dramatize a space. If you aren’t much of a fan of making your own lamps, then how about a funky floor lamp? You might prefer to have something like this in your home, it’s simple and you won’t have to worry about making it.

How to:

To cut a glass bottle , dip a string in acetone or nail paint remover and tie it around the desired cut line . Light up this string with a match and keep turning the bottle around. Once the string is burnt , dip the bottle in a bucket of ice cold (or water with ice cubes ) .You will now be able to detach the bottle . Sand papers any rough edges. Use led strips and a socket at the end and your lights are ready!

Another very easy and pocket friendly idea is to use small wicker baskets. Give this an electric connection by putting a bulb or led inside, or simply place a t- light candle or diya to cast an interesting play of light and shadow in any space.

Use perforated coloured paper. Cut this in squares or rectangles and just roll it into a cylinder to make a beautify lampshade for a diya.

You could use a sharp pin and pierce along a line drawing made on the paper.

Egg carton lights make for another interesting and wonderful lighting idea.

Simply cut out the egg bases individually. Stack them one over another, string a wire through these with a small led lamp at the end. Cut and paint to get a flower or colour of your choice.

A glamorous backdrop to those Diwali pictures.

Create a festive look for your home by picking up any table cloth or bed spread with colours or mirror work and placing a light source behind it.

Paper lights won’t pinch your pocket. Almost everything can be made in paper and is extremely cost effective.

With a wide variety in handmade paper, the paper can be matched and coupled with the décor of the interior. Chinese paper lamps are also very popular.

To add mood lighting to an existing bedroom, one can add various hanging lights or floor lamps to change the quality of lighting and the mood of a bedroom.

Solar operated cheap light. The lights trending this Diwali are various types of Solar operated string lights, metal lights and various types of diya lights.

These lights are eco-friendly, green and pocket friendly as they can be charged by the Sun!

Incandescent/ filament bulbs. These are extremely popular and make a very interesting industrial décor. These lights coupled with caged lighting fixtures of scrap bike sprockets make for interesting pendant lights. These types of bulbs can also be used as a beautiful counterpart for galvanized wall lights.

The lighting of any given space always makes or breaks decor.

The large variety of lights available and the different hues can change the way a person or a given environment feels. Simply adding these variety of lights on different spots can drastically transform any space. If you were interested, Home Automation London can give you some unique control over your lighting to create a wide range of moods!

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