Defying Gravity – Parasailing and Paragliding Spots Near Pune

Parasailing near Pune
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Catering to the Puneite’s eternal fancy of flying high, we went around to collate an adventure list for our aficionados to try their hands at parasailing and paragliding.

The thrilling experience of soaring above luscious green, placid lakes and the undulating hilly terrain is just what you need for some end year adrenalin rush!

Time to shift gears and soar into the sky …

Paragliding is subject to the force of the wind and the person’s weight (sometimes limited to 90 kgs), amateur gliders can try parasailing where they are towed by a vehicle over a water body or a stretch of land.

Paragliding Locations:-

Kamshet: A hotspot for adventure lovers, Kamshet is a perfect destination to spread your wings and fly with the wind. The open areas with windy countryside and an overview of the city makes it a world-class paragliding experience. Reserve a room at a resort in Lonavala or set up a tent in the open area above the city and enjoy a bonfire in the chilly weather.

Distance from Pune : 48 KM (approx.)

Pawna Lake: Sit back and soak in the picturesque view from the top while the expert pilots will give you a supreme flying experience. Hike till the top of one of the dotting hills, get yourself harnessed and get ready to feel the wind. Pawna lake is also famous for other sports like rifle shooting, zorbing, trek, late night camping and more. You can also enroll yourself for an expert pilot course or just be a tourist and enjoy the ride.

Distance from Pune : 60 KM (approx.)

Panchgani: Nestling in the Sahyadri range, at a height of 1,305 m above sea level, this well connected hill station is also nicknamed as the ‘Switzerland of India’. One of the renowned paragliding destinations close to Pune, Panchgani lets you go cross-country for vast distances while staying aloft, paragliding.

Distance from Pune : 101 KM (approx.)

Parasailing Locations:-

Alibaug: Float mid-air well above Nagaon Beach at Alibaug, AKA the ‘Goa of Maharashtra’. Ensconced by green palm trees and never ending beaches, this tropical spot is where you need to head next. This astounding shoreline gives a beautiful view of the scenic sands.

Distance from Pune : 140 KM (approx.)

Matheran: Situated high up at an elevation of around 800 m above sea level, Matheran is the smallest hill station in India. Owing to its altitude and weather throughout the year, it is undoubtedly a much preferred choice. To appreciate the best experience of parasailing, visit here from the month of October till May when the weather is soothing, yet windy.

Distance from Pune : 120 KM (approx.)


#All images used for representation only. Readers are advised to check actual road distances before travelling. Please ensure all safety procedures are strictly adhered too when indulging in adventure sports of any kind. All road distances mentioned here are only indicative.

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