Camp Under the Stars this Weekend..

Camping at Kaas


Weekends demand adventure. So a quick road trip to Kaas in Satara was on the cards early one Saturday.

A stone’s throw away from Pune at 136km, the three-hour drive was dotted with scenic hills, winding roads and the unmistakable bah-dump of more than a few potholes. Blame our diversion from the NH4 for this!

Driving along roads framed by mid-monsoon greenery, we watched the miles glide by. With a late-noon check in, we opted to drive around beautiful Kaas all morning to soak in the surroundings. The velvet blanket of pink and purple flowers arrives late September when the rain Gods relent. Nevertheless, the plateau’s scenic beauty is just as admirable this time of the year.

Kaas Plateau Mid-September
Kaas Plateau Mid-September

First up were Thoseghar Falls. Though we’d seen springs aplenty en route, the milky gush of the towering falls was a sight to behold. The cool atmosphere and light drizzle is definitely sweater-weather, but it makes for an exciting visit.

Just as the golden rays shone in at noon, we made our way to the campsite near lake Kaas and tucked into a smashing lunch. While we opted to camp lakeside, there are loads of local sojourn options like Kaas Holiday Resorts, Letscampout, etc. Tucked into our cosy tents, the cloudy afternoon lured us into a light snooze almost at once.

As dusk rolled in we had a jolly time with bonfire night, music and marshmallows. After a delightful supper of freshly barbequed grilled meat and veggies we prepped for the night trek. The moonlit night made for a beautiful trek as we trooped across the silent plateau interrupted only by the sound of crickets. The trek is fairly easy and well-suited to both children and adults. Watching the silver ripples run across the water makes for a truly entrancing sight.

Come midnight, and our air beds did a nifty job of protecting us from the damp ground. However, the odourless glory of a well-chosen mosquito repellent ensured we had a sound night’s sleep.

Rising bright and early Sunday morning we set off birdwatching on Lake Kumudini. We spotted a kingfisher take an expert dive into the quiet waters for a doomed fish, scattering moor hens along the way. It was the highlight of our expedition.

Up next was a leisurely stroll around the lake, munching on hot bhuttas. Luckily, the sunny weather gave us a chance to fill our camera with sun kissed pictures of lakeside flora. Noon saw us bingeing unabashedly on deliciously local Pithla Bhakri and a spicy Thecha, before we were homebound.

Satara makes for the perfect weekender if you could use a day of sheer bliss. Kaas beckons to you with serene lakes, gushing waterfalls and a night of camping under the stars. Visit late September to witness the valley of flowers in full glory.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver