Animals Have All The Rights Of A Living Person- Maharashtra Must Follow Suit

Animal Rights
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Horrific incidents involving animals being burnt for entertainment, brutally tortured by sadists and kept captive without food and water are constantly doing the rounds on media…

Headlines are written by the dozen and yet, the unexplained cruelty meted out to innocent animals continues unabated.

Ask any animal lover and they would say an animal is far kinder and trustworthy than their fellow human beings. Yet, when it comes to taking a step and helping them, very few step up. 

We, the human race enjoy all the privileges of the world and enjoy the protection of law and governance and often forget that all living creatures also have equal rights to co-exist and peacefully.

In an epic and revolutionary judgement, The Uttarakhand High Court’s ruled in a case being heard by the bench and declared that the “entire animal kingdom including avian and aquatic are legal entities with a distinct persona and corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person.”

“The principle of equality of all species found in Isha Upanishads is the culture and tradition of the country, particularly the States of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has been enacted with an object to safeguard the welfare of the animals and evidently to cure some mischief and age-old practices, so as to bring into effect some type of reform, based on eco-centric principles, recognising the intrinsic value and worth of animals. So far as animals are concerned, “life” means something more than mere survival or existence or instrumental value for human being, but to lead a life with some intrinsic worth, honour and dignity,” the Bench observed.

In an effort towards animal conservation, Lacoste a popular clothing brand left its iconic logo, that of a green crocodile and replaced it to ten threatened species including burmese roofed turtle, the sumatran tiger, the andega rock iguana among others in the limited edition, 1775 polos.

PetsAnimal activists and active citizens in the city opined that it is time that the government came up with stricter rules for the protection and welfare of animals.

“I think this decision should have come earlier and should also be implemented in all the states across the country,” said Padmini Stump, Founder of ‘Mission Possible’, an animal welfare initiative that rescues and rehabilitates street animals.

We have seen the suffering of these animals who have to bear the reckless behavior of humans.

Moreover, the officials should look at the proper implementation of the orders otherwise once such rules are made, they are easily broken too. Its time that the people and the governments made sure that the culprits are brought to book. The officials should also go after the breeders who dump the dogs and cats beaten and batten in bad living conditions.

I am just waiting for the day when our government brings in stricter laws, Stump adds.

Another activist working towards animal protection and welfare, Rani Wilfred says, “We need to understand our place in the universal stream of things and when every creature’s rights are respected and there is a balance; Only then, the humans have a chance to survive.

If children are not taught sympathy and empathy for animals, they cannot be good human beings. Kindness to animals and honoring their rights and space is very important across the world.

“Moreover, even research suggests that people who are ignorant, rude and violent to animals find their next target in humans, hence taking care and protecting animals is directly relevant to our own safety and survival.

Also, education and sensitization are the key. This decision by the court is a precedent that all governments should follow worldwide and step in and make sure that animals rights are obeyed and respected.

Madhav Patil, President of Angholichi Goli Foundation that works towards environment protection echoes this and states that we just cannot ignore the importance of animals and trees in the ecosystem.

We are what we are because of the natural life cycle and every creature is important to make it work smoothly.

Even scientists have proved that trees create a web underground and help others to live. If animals and trees are helping, then why can’t we humans?

Our greed and selfish behavior just invites a disaster for the future generations.”

“I cannot understand why people adopt or buy animals when they cannot keep them properly,” says Raj Kumar, a Kondhwa resident.

“First of all, no background check is done to assure if the person can afford an animal or not.

“Moreover, the street animals aren’t looked after by any public authorities increasing their number and suffering too.

“People also buy foreign breed dogs and keep them at home as status symbols ignorant of how they should be maintained. Not just these, even horses, donkeys and cattle are so brutally handled and it really makes me think about where our world is heading,” adds Kumar.


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