#ADayInTheLife: Meet Davya, The Quintessential Housewife

A day in the life of a Housewife
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“I choose to be a housewife because, unlike a nine to five job, its tougher,” quotes Davya, an optimist, mother of three and a proud homemaker.

“I don’t demean the choices of other women who juggle their life between family and work, similarly, it is unethical of others to judge me on my choice of life.

Both are different and equally challenging,” she adds.

Walking us through a day in her life, she says, “I am married to the youngest son of the family, hence like any other household, the youngest and the eldest has the maximum responsibility.

When I was married, 34 years ago, we were a joint family, a family of nearly 15 people living in a four BHK bungalow.

I was just 18 when I came here, with just basic education, but was trained enough to take care of my ménage.

Meanwhile, at that early age, I was learning to look after my nephew and nieces who were of my age and cook for the household single-handedly. However, these things helped me a lot today,” she exclaimed.

Davya’s love for cooking and experimenting with different cuisines turned passion. She later decided to monetise her passion for food, while staying at home and nurturing her children.

My husband is a business man and has a wide circle of contacts.. I have minimum three guests twice a week and all these business dinners also necessitates good hospitality, so, there is always pressure to impress the visitors.

Their liking for us got them back frequently, increasing my urge to experiment with food. Apart from my regular drill of sending my kids to school, teaching them at home, these tasks and responsibilities kept adding up.

I had my ladies circle who insisted on meeting me on the weekends and trying food I experimented with.

“When my eldest daughter went to a different city to study (and came back in a month because she missed family) I decided to earn some extra income and cook for all those who liked it, and that experiment was a hit.

Over time, the word spread like wild fire and I had many unknown faces coming to my place for a three-course meal every day.

Even though, I enjoyed every bit of it, yet, wasn’t happy with the regular, non-experimental cooking.

Hence, I recruited some cooks to handle the basic work at my venture.

This gave me time to move back to my regular routine of feeding my kids with my newer dishes and taking their feedback,” she adds.

Even though she now has a small venture to look after, Davya enjoys being the quintessential caretaker of her family with utmost dedication.

“It is not even easy to fathom how much we dedicate ourselves to our home. Some may think that a housewife has ample time to relax in comparison to working women, but this far from true. Contrary to what people may think, being a housewife also calls for great passion like any other working woman. It is a conscious choice we make.

“Today, I have several people to attend to at home, a family to run, three lives to nurture and annual home trips to organise and this isn’t exactly a cake walk!

To understand her role best, you need to be in her shoes and see life, from a different perspective,” says Davya, smiling. 


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