Your Early Morning Drive Can’t Get Better Than This!

Long drive around Pune
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There is nothing more soothing than an early morning drive out of town and more so in this season that has been particularly fierce. 

Getting a quick getaway from city traffic was one of the things we looked at, coupled with a scenic drive and a destination that offers you more than just parking space! 

Here’s our list of ‘must drive to’ destinations that offer a lovely approach drive and a picturesque welcome once you are there:



Kamshet is a picturesque hill station in Pune district, located at about 2200ft above the sea level. Covered with luscious greenery, lakes and hilly regions, it is a perfect destination to be bond with nature.. The surrounding areas give you a glimpse of rural India with the mud- huts and village markets. Being surrounded by paddy and sunflower fields, it provides for an awesome view while driving.

Kamshet is also known as the heaven for paragliding. The thrill of flying over the Pawna Lake and gliding over picturesque terrain is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

The other attractions in this region are the Bhairi caves, Bhedsa caves, Khondeshwar temple, Pavana lake and Shinde wadi hills.

Distance from Pune: 45km

Mulshi Dam

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Located to the west of Pune, Mulshi dam is a hour long drive from Pune and is a must-visit destination that is truly picturesque. The dam offers a splendid view from all sides with the natural greenery, the hilly regions of Sahyadri and the dense forests of Dhangad and Koraigadh.

If you head further to Valanewadi about 6km away, the beauty of the Sahyadri hills will amaze you. Hattohant and Pagota are the two breathtaking ranges, also visit the Lavmal plateau. In case you haven’t heard, this dam is one of the largest hydroelectric projects of the state..

Distance from Pune: 50 km.

Panshet Dam

Panshet dam is primarily destination popular with Puneities because of the closest water sports destination in Pune. it is also called as Tanajisagar dam is a dam on the Ambi river towards the southwest of Pune.  Apart from trekking and hinterlands around the dam water scooter rides, kayaking, speed boat rides, banana rides and boating are quite famous.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast get onto your bicycles and hit the winding roads near Panshet. You will have a lot of company too with this being a favourite with Pune cyclists.

Enjoy a lip-smacking breakfast and lunch with a panoramic view of both forests and water bodies.

Distance from Pune: 50 km

Malshej Ghat


The rejuvenating climate is the major attraction for Malshej ghat, it is located to the north of Pune at a height of 700m above the sea level. Popular among hikers, trekkers and nature lovers, the stunning mountain pass in the western ghats is also famous for huge waterfalls, lakes and historic forts.

The dam is also a popular heaven for migratory birds like pink flamingos, along with Alpine swift, whistling thrush, quail, purple mooreh and pied crusted cuckoo making regular appearances. Truly a bird watchers paradise..

Don’t miss the lovely waterfalls that contribute to the beauty of Malshej Ghat. The few big ones are a major treat especially during the monsoons.

Distance from Pune: 130 km


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