Young India Falling Prey To Cardiac Ailments

Heart Attacks and Young
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The ever-increasing cases of heart disease in the younger generation is certainly a major cause for alarm. Countless young Puneites are suffering from cardiovascular disease, often caused by their poor lifestyle and if this continues, the future of young India is in danger.

According to the World Health Organization, Cardiovascular diseases  are the major cause of death globally, as well as in India. A global study has now showed that India leads in deaths from heart failure with 23 percent of cardiac emergencies turning fatal.

The MI (myocardial infarction/ heart attack) is almost always sudden and leads to death in most of the cases. Only emergency treatment within the golden hour and routine health check-ups can help in preventing such attacks and save lives.

Cardiovascular diseases mainly occur due to smoking, alcohol consumption, uncontrolled hypertension, stress and elevated cholesterol levels in the body. Though cardiovascular diseases are seen in rural areas as well, the lifestyle of people in metros are of greater immediate concern. Stress is precipitating it threateningly.

Physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, consumption of tobacco and alcohol is must to avoid to help people ward off heart problems. says Dr Ravi Pratap, Head of Emergency Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune.

The problem with mild heart attacks is that it often seems like a simple case of acidity or indigestion. People experiencing pain in the chest often do not seek immediate medical help.

Dr Pratap’s advice is that youths should follow a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise), maintain recommended body weight and avoid or stop smoking.

“Mental well being is important as physical well being. Stress is an underestimated factor to all health issues. Talk to your confidante early if you feel you are stressed. Seek professional help if required,” he says.

He also recommends undergo regular screening for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol and says the “appropriate treatment will reduce the risk of heart disease”.

People living in cities are three times more prone to heart attacks,” says Abhishek, A Medical Student “Urban life style needs to be corrected, though they are also making their way in rural areas too, lifestyle of people in metropolitan cities are of immediate concern” he adds.

“Eat right, exercise and live longer!” says Saloni Shah,Gym Instructor

“I keep telling my friends to exercise at least for 20 to 30 minutes. From yoga to walking in a mall, any exercise that increases breathing and heart rate and is enjoyable,” she adds.

“The biggest true risk factor for heart disease is cholesterol,” says Archana, Housewife. I have always believed in eating healthy. I avoid fried food as it has most trans-fat which doesn’t benefit us, keep an eye on the salt and sugar, which mostly turns into fat,” she says.

“Last but not least, do not ignore any chest pain.”

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