You Are Not A Puneite If You Haven’t Tasted This Yet!

Ice Gola
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Summers have already hit the city. It is that time of year where Punekars need desperate relief from the scorching sun and here’s where our favourite cooler comes in to play!

Gola is crushed ice, packed around a stick and dripped into extremely delicious flavours topped with dry fruits, fresh cream, nuts and chocolates.

The ago old ice-golas were at one time, available only outside schools and colleges.

Today, they have morphed into several variants and is no longer considered only street food.

This grated ice saviour that was once known only for its bright Orange and Kala Khatta flavours, is now endowed with a multitude of flavours and colours.

So, Here’s our pick of what we found interesting in the Ice-Gola world !

Milky Gola

Milky Gola

Milky gola have cool flavours and extra happiness! They are known for their innovative and interesting variants of gola.

They have a unique variety of flavours in gola like Orange, Falas, Mango, coconut, black currant, green mango, raspberry. Strawberry pineapple, litchi, green mango and Watermelon.

Milky mixture and milky chocolate is a plate of crushed ice filled with happiness. Milky mixture is a calorie bomb that is sure to make your evening. We must add that the taste is worth all the extra calories! 

Milky mixture and Milky chocolate have flavours like KitKat, strawberry chocolate and oreo. This gola’s are served in a bowl with a spoon, the base is crushed ice with a flavour of your choice, Khawa cream, crushed khawa, and nuts. The milky chocolate is topped with lots of chocolate syrup, white and dark chocolate, and chocolate of your choice.

Where:  Kokane Chowk chaupati, Pimple saudagar.

Cost for two: Rs 150

Mansi Malai Gola

Mansi Malai

This outlet has been around for over eighteen years and is a known favourite for its exciting Gola’s.

They have 14-15 different flavours of regular gola’s, including three new creations, The Silver queen gola, golden king gola and traffic jam.

Their Silver queen gola is served with lots of ice crushed, topped with malai, along with some colourful flavours, grated mawa, nuts and chocolates on top of it. Traffic jam is a favourite among the people who hate dairy products and is a combination of 4-5 flavours topped with dry fruits and chocolates.

Seasonal Mango flavoured gola is pure heaven for the mango lovers. We recommend you  skip dinner if you plan to finish the entire Gola.

Where: Saraswati Mandir school, Bajirao Road, Sadashiv Peth.

Cost for twoRs 200

Gola Café 

Open all day long, this cafe is the best place to visit to beat the scorching heat.

This café serves a wide variety of golas including orange, pineapple, khus, Kala khatta to chocolate gola. Gola Café also serves dish golas with a spoon instead of sticks.

Gola Cafe

Their malai gola is a must try.

It has different flavours too but they are famous for chocolate gola which is served with crushed ice at the bottom, malai, mawa and chocolate syrup along with nuts and fresh cream.

Where: Vishal Nagar, Pimple Nilakh.

Cost for two: Rs 80

Malhari Malai Gola

A hard day at work? Head to Malhari Malai Gola for a refreshing cooler.

They have a huge variety of flavours, best enjoyed at their stall, as they keep refilling it with sweet sugary syrup.

Malhari Malai Gola

The rich creamy texture of their malai gola, loaded with a mixture of sweet and sour juices and topped with crunchy nuts and choco-chips will certainly make you crave for more.

Do not miss their butterscotch and Kala khatta flavours. Truly mouthwatering.

Where: Laxman Nagar, Baner.

Cost for two: Rs 150


#All images and prices mentioned are only indicative. Readers are advised to check details at individual outlets. This is not an official #Pune365 review and is purely for reader information.




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