Would You Go On A Date With Your Boss?

Dating Boss or Employee
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The rains are here and romance is in the air!

Off late we have been hearing several interesting stories of love blossoming in the hallowed corridors of Pune’s offices. Stories of CEO’s dating team members and partying hard too..

Apparently some have a huge crush on their boss, and the others have the boss interested in them. The occasional glance, the subtle smile and more…

We decided to ask young Puneites if they would actually go on a date with their boss, if he/ she were to ask them out…

Gautami Pandhatre, Makeup artist says, “Yes, certainly! A date with a boss could also be a simple gesture of friendship. Not every date leads to physical intimacy!

There are some bosses who can be good friends too, so for me, it is completely fair to go out and have a couple of drinks with your boss.

Ameya Chavhan, an Ad designer, says, A big yes, if it is a female boss and big NO if my boss is gay! Who and Why would a person not like to be close to his boss, after all, it depends on the way your nurture it.

Though dating a boss is inviting many complications, more like putting a line on your career and reputation in the office. Yet one date would simply be perfect and harmless, he adds.

Bhushan Dongre, techie says, If the date is going to be like a coworker or friend, a big yes to it, irrespective of what gender it is. But if the date is going to be like boss and employee, then it is better I work in an office rather than going out.”

It is better to keep professional and personal life separate.

I would prefer going out with his son but not him as he is a man in his 50s says, Gayatri Godse, Content writer.

Rishi Joshi, Student says, It is pretty normal nowadays to hang out with your boss, so if given a chance I would not say no.

Getting a chance to know your boss, will always be an added advantage while working with him.

One thing might lead to another, so a date with a boss doesn’t sound a good idea to me! says Ashwini Mane, Techie.

Moreover, its a tricky thing to get involved in, without knowing the circumstances. And generally in corporate offices, it is generally not accepted and one of us might have to leave the company, so better stay out of it!

You cant say no to your boss, so regardless of my comfort, if my boss asks me for a date, I would have to say yes and go.

Bosses are unpredictable and nobody would like to risk their job for just one dinner, says Supriya Yadhav, Journalist.

Tanvi Upadhyay, Marketing executive says, ” I have a major crush on my boss, and anything would be acceptable to me, in order to spend more time with him and that one date might help him develop feelings for me”.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( some names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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