Working Women And The Art Of Raising Responsible Children

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Despite what people may think, working women are more than capable of raising children who go on to independent and responsible adults. Several established researched studies have proved this beyond doubt.

Striking the perfect balance can help a mother lead a successful professional life without compromising on her responsibility of raising a family. Proving ample testimony to this, Pune’s working woman share their mantra of raising kids while nurturing their career passions…

Sangeeta Soni is a Principal at a city school who believes that a working mother can set a strong example for her kids.

“As mother of a grown up daughter, I can say that my being away at school for most of the day, has not affected my child’s upbringing adversely. On the contrary,  it has taught her to​ be independent, mature and able to take on responsibility at an early stage of her life. 

“I think their mother’s work is the best example for sons. They learn that a woman’s place is not only at home, in the kitchen but also as an achiever in the professional world. This is precisely how they will learn to to be men who respect their wives,” she exclaims.

“It is actually very stressful for a mother to manage home and work, but balancing and planning everything is the key,” quotes Aiman Mehta, an Entrepreneur. “Although there have been times, when I had to take time off from work to take care of my kids, but even then, I was freelancing.

“When today I work full time, I keep a close eye on my kids by constantly monitoring them. I feel that spending quality time with your kids is of greater importance than just being around them.

I think that if I am happy doing what I love, then only can I be a happy mother and wife.

“My focus from my kids hasn’t deviated because of my job. I talk to them, spend quality time with them and manage my schedules accordingly,” she adds.

Madhavi Pandit, an Illustrator, feels that there are two sides of the coin.

“When I work out, my son knows that his mother’s time is very precious. She won’t be available to spoon feed him every time hence he is less dependent and doesn’t takes you for granted.

On the contrary I do feel that at times when he needs help with his projects and studies, I cannot give him my full attention due the lack of time and majorly the differences between his and mine leisure time.”

Gita Parekh, HR Professional at an MNC, says

“As a working mother of two, I can strongly attest that my children need me at home a lot. My son Aarav is eleven and daughter Kalpita four, but raising two children on a single salary is close to impossible today.

Hence, my husband and I both work. I believe they miss me at home, but the beauty of a Gujarati joint family is that, there are lots of other moms like Badi maa, Dadi and even Bade Papa at home to take care,” she adds.

“According to me , if a mom is able to balance both and work then it should not be a problem,” says Maria Godrawala, Principal at a city school.

A working mother is a live example for her kid  to teach them how to manage, improved their decision making ability, confidence etc.

“Working mothers create independent kids, as the children learn to solve problems on their own. I don’t think a mother should quit working, since it is important for the mother to be  happy in order to keep her family happy” she quotes.


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