Women Can Handle Tough Nuts Too!

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How often do you go to a garage to repair your bike and find a Lady Mechanic?

While women have scaled great heights in almost every career, there are a few professions that are still very male dominated.

Pune365 had the opportunity to meet this Pune woman, who has broken the glass ceiling and with great success. Meet Deepali Vijay Dharmadhikari who has broken all the stereotypes.

She has carved her road to success, working as a Lady Mechanic. She’s become an inspiration, giving courage to thousands of women who aspire for different careers.

Lady Mechanic
Deepali Vijay Dharmadhikari, Pune’s Lady Mechanic

Initially my father used to work in the garage, but after his health deteriorated, I had to take the responsibility of the garage. My love for bikes din’t make me think even once! Each day, I wake up feeling proud of myself and head to work.

“I learnt to ride a bike at the age of 17 and seeing my passion towards bikes, My father suggested that I also learn to repair them. And thats when i took a keen interest in this” she adds.

A few years ago, Deepali met with a major accident that needed to have a rod implanted in her right leg. This didn’t deter Deepali who cotinued to work as the only lady mechanic in the city.

“The accident was major, however it never restricted me from continuing my passion. It is difficult to work like other mechanics, Nevertheless, I manage by using a chair or at times stand to get the work done.” she adds.

Today with her other mechanics, she handles Shakti Automobiles which repairs two wheelers. An early learner, Deepali says, “This year the garage will complete forty years and we’re thinking of renovating the garage. As of now, thanks to a lack of space, we are unable to keep the tools organised. With this in mind, we are thinking of investing in some new tool boxes. Accordingly, a friend of mine has told us to check out some of the different types of tool boxes out there for mechanics.”

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Looking back, I can only say, that It was difficult for people to understand, that a woman is capable of handling nuts and screws.

“I had a very hard time initially and people never allowed me to touch their vehicles. It took a long time, but people eventually accepted me!”

“I believe that this is a truly worthwhile experience. I am not bothered about what people have to say, I am proud of my career,” adds Deepali, signing off.




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