Woman Power – 6 Interesting Facts !


International Women’s Day Special


If you think women are the weaker sex, think again. This is an age-old myth which has broken several times. Women have science by their side to disapprove such tales.

Here are a few interesting facts :

On an average, women live seven years longer than men. Women happen to be genetically stronger than men. Therefore, ladies enjoy a longer life.

Women can smell better than men. Hence, women are preferred over men in the wine making industry.

Although women have smaller brains than men, women use it more efficiently. By the way, Marilyn Monroe’s IQ was more than that of Einstein.

It is a belief that because women cry more, they are weak. But, crying is a release and makes you feel better! If you don’t vent out your emotions in some form, you become prone to diseases like diabetes and heart attack.

Obesity is not good for anyone. However, researches have shown that it is more dangerous for men than women.

Various researches have shown that in terms of academia, girls are better at subjects like History and Literature.

Soak in the glory ladies !

Sakshi Arora

Sakshi Arora

A budding Journalist and Quantraille, Sakshi Loves Writing and anything exuding positive vibes..
Sakshi Arora