#ActNow – Why Is Pune So Sleep Deprived ?

Lack of sleep
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A study revealed that approximately 70% of people living in Pune are faced with insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns.

The research study goes on to explain how sleep disorders can be a significant trigger for Lifestyle Diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiac disorders.

“Patients actually don’t give heed to sleep disorders which go on to impacting their overall quality of life” says Dr.Sanjay Gokhale, General Physician.

Serious health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity often effect people and when we investigate the history, very often they have been suffering from sleep disorders. It is time we spread awareness among people to closely monitor their sleeping habits and seek professional helps if need be.

I advise people to keep gadgets away, follow a regular diet, have proper exercise and most importantly, stay calm and not allow everything to affect you emotionally. It’s also important to make sure that you have the right sort of mattress for your bed to help you sleep so be sure to take a look at this Emma Mattress Review if you need a new one. Most people find that finding a new mattress helps their sleep more than any other method. If you are unsure then it might be a good idea for you to check out this showcase of mattress sizes here.

If you’re finding it especially hard to sleep then you may want to seek medical advice as it could be due to a sleeping disorder. If they find this to be the case then you may have to take medication or it may be suggested that you look at sites like https://xwerks.com/collections/cbd/products/cbd-oil as CBD has been shown to help with sleeping disorders.

“Sleep is essential. Lack of sleep is dangerous for an individual’s health. The consequences of not sleeping enough can lead to a lot of other health issues,” says Vaidehi Rathod, Software Developer.

“The world is so engrossed with digital technology that it becomes our priority to spend at least two hours on the internet before we sleep. Enjoying good sleep, makes you feel refreshed, perform to your full potential and helps with daily tasks “she adds.

Putting away phones and laptops one hour prior to your bed time will certainly help, says Akshay Gaikwad, Gym Trainer.

Sleep plays a vital role in every individual’s life. I see many people in the gym who pay a lot of attention towards their diet and workout regime, but often ignore their sleep habits. Sleep disturbance has common these days. High stress levels, hectic schedules and night shifts are some common factors involved, he adds.

Just one night of disturbed sleep can make us feel cranky, dizzy or sad the next day, says Meet Chedha, Event Manager.

Every other person in the city is sleep deprived, and it is often caused by changes in lifestyle, appetite, work pressure, odd working hours and personal relationships.

We both work in night shifts, so for us it becomes very difficult to spend quality time together. That often lead to disputes which worsen the mood and in turn decreases our sexual desire too, adds Meet.

Mili Suhas, 26, says, ” I haven’t had a healthy sex life ever since my husband started working late at nights. We rarely talk to each other, he often comes late and leaves early in the morning. Also, the sleep deprivation has made him short tempered…


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