Why Is Marital Incompatibility On The Rise In Pune?

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In an astonishing declaration, The Family Court Lawyers Association recently revealed, that approximately 4,000 divorce cases were being filed in Pune annually. It also suggested that in most of the cases, the petitioners were highly educated and a majority were from the IT sector.

These legal constituents also stated that many women in the city enjoy financial and emotional independence that  has helped them take their own decisions…

We spoke to Pune citizens to take their views on the increase in divorce cases in the city:

The Pune family court has seen 44,100 divorce-related cases filed during the past eight years.

Mutual consent between the couple has emerged as a dominant factor.

Economic stability, independence and ego clashes are the main factors behind the increasing number of divorce cases stated this report.

“Divorce can never be justified. Both the parties have their own reasons for parting ways,” says Meghana Sawant, an active citizen.

“Some people associate divorces with only love marriages but today, even arranged marriages see a lot of annulments. It can happen due to lack of adjustment and compromise and ego clashes.

Today, everyone knows their rights and they know how to fight for it too. Hence, it is not difficult for them to dissolve their marriage on grounds of incompatibility, lack of commitment, or for any such reason. 

Some of them realise after a year or so and end the marriage with mutual consent,” she adds.

Economic stability is the main reason behind the increasing number of divorce rates as couples are parting ways due to ego clashes said officials from the association when they were quoted in a recent media report.

“I think it is better to be safe than sorry,” quotes Harshmeet Singh, an entrepreneur.

“If you are not comfortable with your partner and do not feel like staying with him/her throughout your life, it is best to part ways and suffering is not a solution.

This happened to a friend of mine who was living with a drug addict for 2-years. Her in-laws knew that he was addicted to drugs, and they tried to get him married to my friend who is very simple and emotional.

He was making her life hell for her, and she figured this only when one of her family members found something amiss. They broke up after that ,and she is now living her life on her own terms. At least she is happy,” Harshmeet adds.

Rohit Rathod, MBA student in a city based college, thinks that lack of commitment and the indifference to compromise leads to many divorces.

Couples these days only wish for a happy go lucky relationship. When it comes to compromising their individual choices over the relationship, they show reluctance.

Independence today has overruled the bond of togetherness which a couple must possess for a healthy and perpetual relationship,” adds Rohit.

“Yes. The cases of marital splits have increased because everyone is now more vigilant and outspoken.

The decisions of women earlier were influenced by the other members of the family and the men at large. They had to adjust to inhuman living conditions and hooligan like treatment.

But now they know what’s right and wrong. They now give more importance to their individuality and existence which is a path-breaking change.

Also, education has also helped a lot, as even parents are not reluctant in breaking these earlier societal norms and pressures, when it comes to their child’s life  says Ranjeeta, a home-maker.


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