Why Is Female Masturbation Such A Big Deal For Everyone?

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Women are unfortunately always judged if they admit to seeking pleasure despite it being a very normal bodily need, sometimes through enjoying adult content from websites similar to www.fuckedtube.xxx. Pune’s women have been far more vocal on these subjects, yet, believe that our society needs to come a long way to understand a woman’s need just as much as they do with men.

Despite studies proving that masturbation can be beneficial for women, the majority in society still find it difficult to accept and talk about. Even so, women should not be ashamed to use sources such as young sexer for uses of self pleasure.

Pune’s women speaking to Pune365 unanimously believe that it is time that India focus on more critical concerns, rather than worrying about such a normal biological need for any woman,

Anvi Gaikwad, Client servicing executive says, ” I think India hasn’t matured enough to understand something as normal as masturbation from a women’s perceptive. When it comes to men, they can be seen doing it in public, or in low grade movie theatres. Some even use sex dolls to help themselves from time to time, wheras it’s seen as entirely taboo for a lady to consider being as public about the subject matter.

In our country, speaking about masturbation is dangerous territory for women to dive into…

And that is precisely why the movie Veere Di Wedding saw so much hue and cry, although all the men enjoyed it and the women accepted it.

I remember reading a report that mentioned that women buy more sex toys than men in India, but aren’t open to confessing to it. We still have a long way to go when it comes to accepting such things in India, because of the mentality of people, Anvi added.

Divya Rathi, Marketing executive says, “Masturbation is such a common thing to talk about among men, but when it comes to women, I don’t understand why it suddenly becomes such a ssshhh ssshhh topic. It’s sheer rubbish that women have more desires or vice versa.

Masturbation is just a body requirement which every human being/animal irrespective of gender will have both men and women have equal rights to satisfy themselves and have pleasure.

More importantly, there is nothing to be ashamed off and as a country, we have many more things that we really need to be concerned about, Divya added.

There was far too much hype about the movie and that too over one scene, says Sarah Fernandes, a Business analyst.

Women have sexual desires too, however, we cannot share this need with anyone else for the fear of being judged. I believe every woman loves orgasming as much as we love doing anything else, Sarah added.

Lately, people have started talking about sex, however, the topic that seems to see all the women and men blush is masturbation, says Riya, a software professional.

Lack of awareness about female masturbation, and society created taboos, make it harder for women to accept to doing it.

You will find thousands of educational videos about male masturbation, but when it comes to female self-help, people hardly talk about it, Swara Bhaskar from Veere di wedding was the perfect retort to the loud mouths.

Riya further added, Before the movie, you ask any girl about self-pleasure and the answer would be no, but now the scenario is changing and women have started being open about self-pleasure.

Tanvi Sharma, web designer says, Female masturbation is the basic need of every woman, I don’t feel there is anything to be ashamed of it and it is the best thing a woman can do for herself…

Why should anyone hesitate to accept that they are into satisfying themselves? Stop worrying and give in to your desires, Tanvi added


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