Why Having Your Life Partner In The Same Profession Is A Good Idea

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Life today is anything but easy and peaceful…

Attempting to climb the career ladder, negotiating annual appraisals, crying over lost promotions, beating deadlines and sacrificing leisure time are all integral to the working Puneites life.

And, In the bargain, spending quality time with your partner takes a backseat. To top this, the time spent on convincing your partner on your delayed return home adds to the misery.

These Puneites have not only overcome this, but also swear to the fact that there is nothing better than having your life partner in the same organisation or profession to avoid conflict. 

“I definitely feel life is much easier if you marry someone who understands the intricacies of your profession and respects your personal space.

A partner who parties with you and comes along to the office the next morning is great. Busy schedules take up all your ‘family time’ anyway so having your spouse in the same office helps.

This works for people in every profession. They understand your mental state and sometimes help you out of it too. There are better discussions at home that adds to a healthy relationship,” shares Prateek S. Patel, a chartered accountant.

This hard-core foodie and travel enthusiast who loves to pen down her experiences on her social media, shares why marrying a hotelier and biking aficionado was her best decision ever.

“I always knew I can’t settle with someone who has a nine to five corporate job. Explaining my regular absence from home, coming home late and my penchant to keep looking for newer destinations is not easy..

Fortunately, in my trip to Leh, I met Rajeev, who was anything but a conventional husband…

It has been three years now and we have traveled almost every part of India and tried various cuisines from across the country,” she adds.

“Even if your partner isn’t in the same profession or team, just having them in the same organisation is a bonus,” shared Parminder Singh.

“My parents introduced me to a lot of prospective brides, but, I never got along with them nor was I prepared to let them into my messed-up lifestyle.

For me, my partner being on the same wave length is very important. I have been working night-shifts for the past eight years now and I am used to the lifestyle changes and vague schedules.

I wanted someone who works at least in the same organisation and has the same shift timings so that we can spend some time together too. Moreover, you also save a lot on travel and food. It is economical, practical and helps improve bonding. Luckily, I found Meghana, who fits into my unsystematic life perfectly,” he smiles.

“Although I do believe that this is a good idea, there are certain complexities too…

Ego clashes, difference of opinion, being competitive and sometimes the thought of working under your partner can hamper a relationship,” shares a 36-year-old marketer, Padma Rathod.

“There are chances that your partner might get a huge raise and a better position and not everyone can accept that. Work and personal life gets very cluttered with personal and professional brawls going beyond the bedroom and office cubicles.

It takes a lot of maturity from both the partners to get into the same organisation and still be able to deal with situations that arise,” Padma adds.



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