Why Do People Cheat On Their Partners?

Relationship - Cheating Reasons
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It could be boredom, monotony or sexual overdrive – cheating on your partner has been a problem that has plagued relationships for ages…

There are a number of other reasons too, including emotional issues. Yet, it does often put the couple in many an awkward situation, despite efforts to conceal or hide it.

Pune365 speaks to citizens to gauge their view on why people cheat when in a relationship.

“It is possibly because of boredom or sexual curiosity. Humans tend to get bored easily.

Also an individual may have different needs which his partner cannot reciprocate sometimes. They feel neglected and look to satisfy their needs elsewhere.” says Ashish Kamra, Designer.

Poonam Trivedi, Software Professional says, After a certain period of time the initial attraction dims between two people. it is like the law of diminishing marginal utility.

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility says the first apple you eat when you are hungry will give you utmost pleasure, But, by the 8th or 9th apple, you will not derive the same pleasure.

Human tendency is to get bored doing the same stuff or seeing the same. For example, you can’t eat pizza for the whole of your life. Someday in life, you’ll need a biryani.

And humans are selfish people and they have a strong urge to put themselves before everyone else. So they never think about the others emotions and tends to think only about their pleasure.

Poonam further opines that utility decreases with time. Nothing wrong with this natural tendency but humans have emotions too and they can control their urges. A lot of people are going to have their opinions when it comes to cheating. But when you think about the bigger picture, there really isn’t a need for it.

It is no surprise that people go onto TV shows for lie detectors or go to the extreme by looking into something like Background Check Colorado to find out about the other person.

It can ruin so many lives and it is definitely not worth it, no matter what you are going through in your relationship.

They should do this by putting some logic into their needs and not hurting their partner for a few moments of pleasure..

“When there is no commitment between the two, people are likely to cheat in a relationship. It is a part of nature, when you don’t get one thing from here, you always try to get it from there,”says Sheetal Kathavkar, Choreographer.

Tanmay Haldankar, Technical engineer says, “People do it mainly because of the unstable situations in life.

It is not about physical curiosity. But having an abusive partner, or cranky girlfriend is very frustrating, In the pursuit of peace of mind, I may cheat on my partner.

“Emotional dissatisfaction is one of the prime reasons why people cheat in a relationship. When one of the partners is too involved in his/her life, they barely get time or notice their partner, says Genieve Joseph, Poet.

When people are left alone in a relationship, they turn all high and dry. Humans always want someone to understand, listen and appreciate.

Another critical reason could be that one of them is clingy, no matter what you do his/her desire are never satisfied, she added.


#All views expressed in this are those of the individual respondents (some names are changed on request)and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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