Why Aren’t Our Men Expected To Be Dressed Decently?

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When it comes to dressing appropriately our society seems to have set their own standards and consequently women are almost always at the receiving end of what to wear and when…

The typical habit of referring to clothes as “these type of clothes” and how it can make people around the woman uncomfortable is a regular feature now.

However, when it comes to men there are no rules and everything is considered appropriate. 

Ask any woman in the city and she will express her disgust on how men vulgarly display their hairy legs or fidget with their private parts in public view. 

Appropriate dress codes ought to apply to all the genders and there is no reason for the woman to be at the receiving end of the constant bashing say Puneites. 

“What does our culture say about these men who roam around in markets and streets wearing boxers that are like briefs?,” quips Madhu, 26.

“I detest men who have gorilla like hair on their legs and to add the misery, they wear shorts, rather ‘short shorts’ and believe that it looks cool and funky.

“No! This isn’t cool and only makes women like me crib and want to wax your hair off your legs. At least we spend time in grooming ourselves before we come out and get stared at and judged for our legs. And yes, we also need to relax and chill like you,” she adds.

Why can’t these boys buckle up their pants or buy one that is their size and stop revealing their underpants and their buttocks, Trisha, 27, quips.

The weirdest and most disastrous trend that struck us is the hyper-low sagging pants showing underpants that say ‘Adibas and Niky’.

If you want to showcase your assets, please make them appealing and sight worthy.

Also, in case you do not know this, each time you get up from a seat, lots more than what you wanted to reveal is showcased, much to our horror.  

“There is a very thin line between being indecent and being dressed appropriate,” says Varsha, 28, a fashion blogger.

“It sometimes depends on the type of events we are going to and the type of crowd we will be interacting with. Social gatherings and events have a particular type of dressing that one should follow, depending on how formal or informal it is.

Men and women often do not understand the difference.

“Even if women want to wear dresses to work, they can wear one, making it a point that their office culture accepts that and the dress is not too bold or revealing.

Similarly, men have their own formal attire that is to be worn on weekdays. They should not come with ripped or saggy jeans or shorts or even too tight shirts or t-shirts,” explains Varsha.

It is not often about men dressing in public places, but more about how under-dressed they are at their home and in view of other females.

Speaking about this, Rajeshri Sahu, 33, a homemaker says, “I often notice men sitting in their vests and boxers, making us feel uncomfortable in that situation.

We never change into them, when we have male visitors do we? 

“Moreover, my maid often speaks to me about how insulted she feels when there are men roaming in their house in just towels with their upper body exposed, when she is there to work.

“It is just a matter of respecting people wherever you are. Every occasion has some unstated dress codes and norms and one should follow that,” Sahu adds.


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