Why Are Pune’s Young Couples Always Fighting?

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Remember the last time you hang up on him? What was it that irritated you? 

It is commonly believed that fights and arguments add the spice to a relationship and helps handle the boredom that creeps in. Yet, there comes a point when the never ending tiffs and quarrels gets on your nerves and you are all ready to scream! 

These Pune couples we spoke to shared some of the most common reasons for the fights they see in their relationships: 

Deepali Kanoja, techie says, “There is only one thing about him that really gets on my nerves, he wants to keep buying a watches.”

I just cant understand the logic of buying a new watch every two months, when he already has 10 watches and moreover they all show the same time, and he barely wears all of them. 

We have been dating for the past 15 months and already shopped for 9 watches together! It is a huge waste of time and money, Deepali adds.

Her best friend is more important to her and he follows us wherever we go! It has been 7 months now since we have spent any time alone.

It is more like three people are in a relationships says, Hitesh Parikh, Developer.

Rhea Banerjee, Am curvy and I like it, although I want to look like Disha Patani. But without getting remarked on for everything I do.

He is a gym freak, and expects the same from me.

He keeps taunting me when we’re out and when he sees me taking a bite of a large burger or a slice of pizza which leads to arguments very often.

Faizan Sayyed, BPO executive says, The shopping never ends!

They step out to buy shoes but twenty items are also bought along with that.

This problem has no possible solution and guys have to cut back on a lot of plans to keep up to their girlfriend’s shopping lists”

Gone are the days when household chores are restricted to women, and yes, I expect my partner to help me out, says Aditi Dangat, working professional.

Ashish never offers any help and this is quite frustrating.

Half the time we have his friends over home, yet, he never helps cleaning or at least he ought to make sure that they don’t mess up much.

While Ashish says, “Guys come to chill, plus she never lets me move the table also. Everything is very prim and proper in the house and she is so obsessed with cleanliness that it becomes difficult to handle.

Tanvi Mathur, a student says, Am not a phone addict, I cant reply to every message, snapchat story or meme tagged.  

This is the most common reason to fight, he is totally the opposite and very active socially 24*7 and expects the same from me. 

For me, It is as simple as calling and expressing what I have to and I hate to keep looking at my phone just to avoid fights.

Amit Khandekar, HR, “She is very irresponsible, her phone is never charged. Being new in the city, am worried for her. Despite reminding her to keep the phone charged, the battery charge is always a problem for her.”

Bindya Gupte, Baker says, “He is a workaholic who has prioritised work over  a relationship. Having a boyfriend addicted to work has restricted our social gatherings with friends. It almost feels like a betrayal, or like he’s having another affair”


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