The White Rose : A Poet’s Tribute To Meher Baba

Jayaa Shetty - The White Rose


She had a flair for writing since an early age. Then life overtook her and she just couldn’t find inspiration to put pen to paper.

Not for long though, as author and journalist Jayaa Shetty found an inspiration. While browsing through a book, she came across a picture of Meher Baba. This was a life-changing experience for her. She wanted to know more about Meher Baba and his philosophy.

She went to Meherabad and her life and outlook began to change. Meher Baba became her inspiration and she wrote The White Rose, a collection of poems in honour of him.

“It’s just like a thousand unseen helping hands that lead you through life,” says Jayaa.

The White Rose is an anthology of poems written for my Master who is instrumental in bringing out the creativity in me. He is the soul of my poetry.”

Jayaa, has been writing since an early age in English, Hindi and French. Nature has always been her inspiration.

“Way back in school we were given writing assignments and that’s when I realised I can write. Fortunately, my writing was appreciated.

“In my college days, I would empathise and write for my friends. I would write my heart out about the musings of life,” says Jayaa.

“However, life’s ups and downs began to catch up with me and I suddenly just couldn’t write. Whenever, I tried to write, I ended up writing in pain. This was very depressing.

Jayaa Shetty - The White Rose
Jayaa Shetty with Nan Umrigar and daughter Natasha

“Then one day, I came across a copy of Nan Umrigar’s Sounds of Silence on Meher Baba and began to read it.

“I came across a picture of Meher Baba in the book. It felt as if something had hit me. It seemed as if Baba was speaking to me.

“It was a complete déjà vu. I felt as if I knew him, but yet I didn’t.

“I wanted to know more. I went to Meherabad to learn about him.

“It was Baba who turned the key and held me through the highs and lows,” says Jayaa.“I started writing again and found great pleasure in writing for his birthdays. This has continued for 20 years now,” says Jayaa.

The book is a compilation of Jayaa’s poems that she has been writing ever since she was enlightened by her Master Meher Baba. Her book is a four-part tribute to Meher Baba. It contains An Ode to Meher Baba, Happy Birthday Meher Baba, Life’s Musings and Haiku.

“As a child, I was very observant and would ask questions about life and my existence. And when I saw a picture of Baba that appeared on a branch in a pamphlet, I said to my mom that He is God.”

Speaking about her poetry she says, “My poetry doesn’t have any meter as such, it’s just from the heart. “Baba has been a torch bearer, proving Himself to me in many ways. It was then when I decided to write poems to express my love and gratitude towards him.”

“That’s all his doing, nothing is mine,” she added.

Tenderly You hold my hand,

Enfolding it in Yours,

You gently waltz me into the light.

Jai Baba.

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